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  1. Joyous felicitations to you both. Hope it's a great day.
  2. A mate has a CB300R, he showed me the filler hole which is smaller than the diameter of a fuel pump nozzle. So he has to hold the nozzle over the filler and dribble fuel in. A bit of a daft design.
  3. We have coffee at Rhug. Bala is our ice cream stop. Watch out for the speed van hiding behind the wall outside the police station in Bala.
  4. Turn the key or pressing the starter switch? If you're getting the usual dash lights when turning the ignition on but nothing when you hit the starter - and it's cut out whilst running - it could be a break in the loom or a bad switch - eg kill switch / side stand switch?
  5. Been out in N Wales this morning. Lovely weather at the moment. Bala is one of our regular stops.
  6. A mate has the same on his CB300R. He's not had any problems and I was saying this morning at the top of the Horseshoe Pass how well they work well as DRLs.
  7. The pillock who was doing a steady 40 in a single carriageway NSL which is very wide so I was cruising past him doing a gentle overtake. Just as I'd passed him he notices me and floors it. Comes back up my inside but bottles out of actually undertaking me completely. This manoeuvre he then tries repeating but since the next time he tries it I'm just about to cruise past the car in front he nearly runs into the back of it. Idiots like that I just stay well clear of.
  8. I was after a disc lock for the Honda. I decided on an Oxford XD10 as the pin will fit the holes in the disc ( my XA14 is too big). RRP is £39.99, SBS has them for £33.93. BDLAmotorbikes has them for £28.99 which SBS price matched. Comes with a reminder cable. One nice feature is they lock just by pressing the pun down, you don't need to use the key to lock it.
  9. The 900 engine is pretty damn good as well. A couple of mates have them and love them. But you'd need to try for yourself.
  10. As many will no doubt say - buy most used Japanese bikes and you will not only have better reliability and spares availability but when you come to sell it you will get back what you paid for it or as near as. Impossible to recommend anything in particular since it's a personal choice what suits you. But if you're planning on keeping it for only a short time then look after it and you won't lose anything. With the Lexmoto the value will drop much more. Go to a dealership, sit on as many as you can, that will give you an idea what suits you best. But if it's a short term ownership then it's not like you're looking for your dream bike.
  11. Many happy returns - have a great day.
  12. The top one looks more like a sonic screwdriver to me. I have a garage full of 'special tools' for engines I no longer have. But I just can't bear to part with them. Sad isn't it.
  13. Back in the day we used to add some meths to petrol if water got into it. E5 and E10 just do much the same which is why you rarely get problems these days with water droplets in petrol. I saw an interesting article on engine wear which suggest that whilst Methanol can cause some increased wear in some components ethanol mix and pure petrol have very similar properties. Both have tiny advantages and disadvantages but nothing to cause any issues in terms of wear. As said, the issue is in older fuel systems. I've always run both mine on E5. I did a long run recently with a full tank of Super / Premium and then a full tank of E10. Maybe it wasn't a very scientific test but it felt like they actually ran better on E10. Bikes don't have the engine management system to take advantage of the higher octane. I think they're both specified for 93 minimum so run happily on E5/10 at 95. Using the 97 in the carbed Honda made no difference. In the FI Bobber it seemed to make the engine less flexible. No idea why that might be but it was less pleasant to ride and needed more attention to gears on twisty roads.
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