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  1. I think you've probably identified the problem, but taking those switches apart often ends up with a pile of bits that won't go back together again. Two thoughts - First, these switches are usually assembled dry but on a bike they are exposed to the elements so sometimes a bit of lubrication stops bits sticking. Try GT85 spray which has ptfe in it. Second, if that doesn't work you could try some switch cleaning spray. My experience of switches so far has been that the lube usually works more than the cleaning spray. If you do use switch cleaning spray don't get it near anything w
  2. Currently enjoying all the fun of a hangover without the bother or expense of getting drunk
  3. In terms of the original question, a lower 125 that is easy to ride and will inspire confidence, I'd take a look at the Suzuki VanVan. Quirky looks but you either love them or hate them. They are pretty much sorted as factory spec but one mod worth doing is to drop a tooth on the front cog. They are over geared. The swap puts the engine revs at a more comfortable point and enables you to hold top gear on open roads. It will hit the rev limit (10k) at about 68mph. But can hold at a steady 65 in top rather than power fading.
  4. After my first jab, AZ, within 4 hours I was a shivered wreck and had the most painful 4 day headache I've ever known. I had my second one this morning at 8.15am and so far I've been fine. But I'm beginning to ache all over and the thought of eating anything is a complete no. I'm hoping the delay means this time round it's not going to be like last time. Riding home was exhausting, I nearly dropped the bike pulling into the drive.
  5. I had my second jab today. I shall continue to wear a mask where required. Not because I enjoy doing so, I find them restrictive, uncomfortable and wearing glasses I can't see most of the time. But it's not all about me. It's about everyone.
  6. Simple policy - if an advert annoys me I never buy that product.
  7. Hope you get the claim sorted. It sounds like it's on the front wheel as it's speed related, most likely something to do with the brakes. Does the sound go when you apply the front brake? With that speed you ought to be able to reproduce it with the front wheel off the ground - I'm guessing you don't have a centre stand so get it up on a paddock stand or use some form of lift. For future reference, any kind of van or larger vehicle without a rear window I always get myself in sight of the driver's side mirror, that's the one they'll check before reversing. The nearside
  8. All building materials are in short supply vat the moment. That's why the prices are silly.
  9. Brilliant day out, had to refuel twice which isn't surprising given the size of the tank on the Bobber. Breakfast at the Flash Bar Cafe is to be recommended. Grindleford Station is actually on a working line but it's a decent stop for a brew and an ice cream. We came via Carsington Water and Ashbourne and found a cracking farm shop for afternoon refreshments.
  10. It's a bit of a gamble. Take two bog standard family saloons from the early 1970's. In the early 1990's I rebuilt a 1971 Mk1 Ford Escort from the floorpan up. I ran it for a few years, got bored of it, sold to our window cleaner for £350. It's now worth over £10k. Not my wisest decision. I seam welded it and many years later discovered still being driven in rallies and the guy was chuffed that the bodyshell didn't flex at all. I then rebuilt a 1971 Vauxhall Viva, very similar spec to the Escort. I was lucky to get £2500 for it when it was finished.
  11. The Town Crier in Chester was telling a group of American tourists that you can walk the entire circuit of the city walls which are originally Roman with a 19th century promenade built to link sections that had fallen into disrepair. He told them you can choose to go clockwise round, or anti-clockwise round, and circle the entire city walls. To which the lady asked - Which way's shorter?
  12. Day off today. Four of us heading for the Flash Bar Cafe near Buxton and then on to Grindleford Station Cafe. No idea which way home yet. My protein intake is well up after riding home from the sailing club last night and going through a swarm of midges on the path along the lake when I had the front of my helmet flipped up. Yum yum.
  13. I once bonded a cylinder head together with metal repair putty, the two pack type. Much to my surprise it lasted fine, until some little swine nicked the bike and crashed it into a tree. The proper way is as @Bender said, but if you want to try an alternative method metal repair putty would be better than epoxy. Epoxy will fail in that situation. Re. the bike that got crashed into a tree, the front end was a write off but the engine was still ok. I was chasing him at the time when he lost it going downhill on a bend.
  14. Check the length of the springs against the originals, I expect they are the same so unloaded the bike will sit the same. Once loaded you'll feel the difference. Depending on what else you might have changed of course.
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