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Sprung footpegs needed for a wheelchair

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I'm looking for folding foot pegs to help a Small person to climb into her chair. There are various holes I can use to mount them.

Do rear pegs these days spring into both up and down positions, or do they only spring upwards? She's need both so they stay put.

There are zillions on ebay. Where they show springs separately they look as though they'd only spring one way.

I think the rear pegs on my CB175 wold stay in either position but I can't remember - it WAS 1975 :)


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I mean they stay horizontal if you put them "down", but if you knock them up with your foot do they stay up?

This lass has to clamber up into a wheelchair, so needs two levels of footpeg. These are for a folding chair so they need to fold up and stay there, but when she's inthe chair and needs to get down, they need to be flat. "springing" into position would be better than "by friction".

@Fleck - can you guide me to the sort you mean?

There are loads cheap on ebay but where I can tell, they spring one way only. They don't always make it easy to tell.

Cost isn't likely to be a factor. Wheelchairs ar darned expensive - this one's about £3000. And you have to push it!

This sort would do but they spring out only:


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You need pillion pegs and not riders pegs

Pillion pegs you can fold up and they stay up or fold them down and they will stay down

Riders pegs are spring loaded and will always spring back down and not stay up on their own

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Something very basic like these would probably do the job . The rubber part actually acts like a sort of spring . When you pull them up the washer is forced against the corner of the bracket which compresses the rubber so as it rounds the corner it springs back out again and keeps the peg locked in the folded position. Cheap and cheerful and easy to mount to any surface with a hole in it . No springs or ball bearings to worry about , just the minimum of moving parts .


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