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Best tyres for 600f


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Just wondered if any CBR owners can recommend me the best tyres suited to the 600f.

I haven't had my bike long and I'm just riding round with what it came with, 1 Michelin and a Pirelli, which obviously isn't ideal, so what to you recommend for the best performance?

Thanks in advance.

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What size are the tyres on it?

If you can get them in the right size I 100% recommend Maxxis Supermax Sports! Very very sticky, fast to warm up and seem to last far better than Pilot Power 2CT's!

You can also get them delivered for not much more than the cost of just 1 rear 2CT!

They are a Sports tyre but have the durability of a Sports Touring tyre.

They perform ok in the wet, but don't lean the bike too far in standing water due to the tread pattern.

I was killing a Pilot Power 2CT rear in 1500 miles, I am 900 miles into this set of Maxxis and they have at least another 1000 miles left in the rear, possibly 1500-2000 left.

I also was able to fall off the tyre on the 2CT's which was a bit concerning as that normally ends up in eating tarmac, I still have 5mm ish left on the edges of the Maxxis, which in my opinion is a much safer situation to be in! :)

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I've got a 600 FZS, I commute on it and do some quick road riding (well quick for me!) so wanted something which would be good all year round and get a good few miles out of um. I've gone for the Pilot Road² double compound tyre front and rear, done 2kmiles, still looking good with plenty of meat left. They are expensive compared to other brands and models but I have so much confidence in them as I had a sporty Michelin tyre on previously. Michelin do a touring budget tyre which I believe is very good called the Pilot Road. I'm not a re-seller for Michelin, honest! :lol:

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got bridgestone bt021 on my 600 srad, had no probs, dont like michelins, had some avons on an old jellymould cbr that where good, i tend to prefer bridgestones though

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