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comfort of textile jackets

Guest bellgica

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Had a try of a few textile jackets this weekend. Are they always uncomfortable at first? I tried various brands and styles (Spidi, Ixon, Richa, HG...) but all were very uncomfortable.

I tried them on standing, then pretended I was on a bike (probably looked quite daft, but never mind),arms out, shoulders bent, legs crouching. But still, the larger sizes seemed to ride up, or feel uncomfortable round the neck/shoulders, smaller sizes felt constricting round the arms.

Also the more protection from the elements they offered, the heavier and bulkier they seemed. I understand that I need to be sure I don't leave my dermis on the tarmac, but if I can't move properly I don't know how safe I'd be anyway.

Keep looking?

Or should I try leather with waterproof over-clothes instead?

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The strength of textiles is down to the thickness which is rated in 'denier', th higher the denier hte better the abrasion resistance.

Waterproofing is achieved by the use of Goretex or similar technology which allows water vapour out so keeping you dry from condensation and sweat, but stops larger water droplets from passing through to the wearer.

Warm is achieved with detachable quilted linings. Again, the thickness provides the warmth so if you were to try on a high abrasion resistant, super warm and waterproof jacket it will feel quite heavy and stiff.

The good news is that they do actually soften with wear, but you will need to be careful not to compromise the waterproofing.

I have a reasonably priced Akito Python II which I have treated with tent waterproofing spray and it does the job for me.

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As above, but also I think it takes a little time to get comfy wearing your gear (padded jacket, trousers, gloves, boots, helmet) when you aren't used to it.

My jacket (Spada) was relatively cheap (~£100-ish) and has kept me warm and dry for over a year now in all weather. For my next jacket, I'll look for one without snap fasteners outside the zipper (like a velcro flap or another zipper) and a more comfy neck lining...

Good luck :D

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I love my textile jacket, fits nice and tight and feels really comfy :D

I tried quite a few on and didn't really feel uncomfortable in any of them :?

Maybe it's just because the clothes you normally wear are really different?

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I tried a few jackets on and settled on a Spidi in the end. Got back prtection, shoulder and elbow protection. Felt quite stiff at the beginning but it either loosened up or i got more used to it, feels fine now.

I find whenever i get some new bit of clothing it feels a bit alien to me but then i just get used to it. As long as it actually properly of course :lol:

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