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Which back/spine protector

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I have an RST textile jacket and trousers which zip together. Both offer some degree of spine rotection, but not enough

Can anyone give me link to a good spine protector online? Looking at £80ish? (more if needed)

Was sugegsted this link before ... which one to get though?

http://www.planet-knox.com/SearchResult ... egoryID=10

Any ideas appreciated

I'm 15 stone, slim (body builder), jacket is XXL (or is it XXXL?) with a bit of room, but snug. Will be riding a CBR600F in the dry, on the road.


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Hi Mate

TBH they are a bit like helmets... Some will fit better than others for different people. I have the Knox contour one which is brilliant in my eyes. Comfy and CE Level 2 approved (The highest grade it can get).

The forcefield back protectors get very good reports as well and are Ride magazine "Recommended".

http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.co.uk/b ... _sport.asp

If they are CE approved they will do a good job. Only thing I will say is get one that straps to you and is not one that slips into the liner of your jacket. In a crash a jacket one could move which you don't want.

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Make sure you get the right size mate. I though I would need a medium, but turned out I needed a large. Fit is important with these things. You should be able to get a size chart from somewhere. Get someone to measure your back for you.

Don't think you can go wrong with these forcefield protectors.... Never heard anyone say anything bad about them yet.

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Ah, missed that

Hmmmmmn, that confuses things

My waist is 36" (lower end of medium)

shoulder to waist about 20-21" (medium/large)

back wide, but they don't ask that

I can't try on as nearest dealer long way

Worth phoning them or trying different manufacturer?

Thx guys

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and remember to try on under your bike jacket

obvious i know :)

brothers girlfriend has forcefield and loves it. comfy + very good fit

i tried on a roll up knox and it was horrible. really bad fit

felt bulky even though it's quite small. got a knox ricochet and it's brilliant.

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You really do need to try it on with jacket and helmet and then get in the riding position.

I have a knox contour and love it, but I have a mate who cant get on with the contour as it pushes up on his helmet.

Willow doesnt like the contour either but has a forcefield and loves it, whereas I really didnt like the forcefield one it felt very uncomfortable.

It needs to fit well or you wont wear it.

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