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so the work starts!!


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well time to get the bike ready for the summer 8-)

first job swap my EU headlight for the UK one i won on ebay :) 5 min job

next on the list

adjust valve clearances, set throttle position sensor, balance throttle bodies, get it set up on a dyno, check steering head bearings, new oil in steering damper (or new one) save for new rear shock and fit that, then save for new for springs and fit them and hopefully re valve forks but that could run into the summer, all new wheel bearings plus a few extra little things along the way 8-)

started off like this



currently like this for now :lol:



will post more pics as time goes on 8-)

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it needs some stuff doing


adjust valve clearances but when you do that you have to balance throttle bodies and before you do that you have to set throttle position sensor then it needs seting up on a dyno, also needs new oil in steering damper (or new one)

i want a new rear shock and new fork springs and all new wheel bearings

not done any track days on it YET 8-)

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work continues took my bloody time didnt i :lol:

pulled a few more things off the bike then a few more and more :lol: :lol:

currently looking like this :shock:



a few little electrical gremlins sorted

valve clearences checked cams out to measure shims and shims ordered 8-)

there was only 2 that was out of spec and that was only by .03mm :?

cams awaiting removal



rear cam out with bucket and shim removed



bucket and shim



to be continued :lol:

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Guest philgale

oh stu, when your thinking of sticking it on a dyno let me know. one of my mates runs a dyno centre and ill have a word and see how much...

unless you know someone nearer you who is cheap...

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putting it together is the easy part mate :?

you just glue the bits that you had to grind off :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Yep. Its starting it that is the hard bit! :3some:

Good luck, going well so far! :cheers:

Let me know when you are doing some track time as I want to go again this year, its been a while! :crybaby:

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