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Motorcycle Cover

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Have just gone and bought a £7 Lidl motorcycle cover so i can leave the bike outside every once and a while.

It's got two little "rings" (for want of a better word) which are clearly to help you secure it.

Question: How/what should i use to secure the cover when it's over the bike?

It's also got a transparent "sight window" (again for want of a better word) so you can see through part of it.

Question: Why?

Yet another question: Which way should i be putting the cover on - sight window at the rear of the bike or at the front?

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I guess a padlock would be secure, although it would only secure the cover...

Window... I am thinking if you leave it parked on the road you could position the window so the reflector is visible to traffic... Total guess though.

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Did you read what was on the insert? It clearly says that the window is for the rear number plate so it can be seen.


Funnily enough you should say that - because i just found and read that a short while ago (after the original post of course)

My bad :wink:

Not sure why showing off the plate is a good thing? (unless in my case because an N-reg isn't going to seem very desirable :D)

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I use a bungee from 1 footpeg, over the seat next to the tank, to the other footpeg to hold cover onto the bike.

Then I use a series of clothes pegs to clip it to the mirrors and rack and to clip up the slack to stop it blowing! :oops: :lol:

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