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Meet at Towcester 12th April - EASTER SUNDAY


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Mojo's first meet!

As I was bimbling up the A5 a week or so ago and passed a hoooooj cafe with about a gazillion bikers outside. Thought, 'hmm, looks good'.

So, was wondering if peoples fancied a meet, chance for new and old to get together for a cuppa and a good old chinwag? Don't know if anyone wants to suggest a ride-out from there as well, I'm not massively familiar with the area apart from a really dodgy road from Silverstone to Aylesbury.

Towcester's off the A5 near Northampton. Fairly central :D

I've posted as a Saturday, but happy to shove it to Sunday if that's better.

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Soz, meant to say I think the cafe's called Tim's and it's north of Towcester up the A5, past the A43 roundabout... not more than half a mile up on the left.

There's the super sausage place towards MK that I think is more lorry-ish.

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Screenshot of the place (Circled) with the exact co-ordinates in the bottom left corner. :D


You'll need to click it to read the co-ordinates. :lol:

EDIT: Found a postcode as well - NN12 8ET

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Ok, those peeps who decide to come, who are north to me... Open invite for coffee at mine, then I can lead ya there via some other roads other than the A5 the whole way...

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anyone going to make a meet time for this

there is a few nice roads round there i was taken on route from there round the countryside and back but no clue what it was

i'll look maps and see if i can find it again if anyone is intersted

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i would have came too,i have family in towcester but i cant do easter weekend and plus i havent got a bike again now...i will try and come on the next one tho

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