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Furygan Back Protector

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I've just bought a Furygan leather jacket off ebay (bargain), it has the facility to take a back protector (although the seller very kindly threw in a Dainese one - its not a great fit); i've had a shufty on the net and apart from one on ebay (that i missed) i can't seem to find anyone selling them.

Can anyone help with pointing me in the direction of one (or does anyone have a spare they'd like to sell on?)

Ta muchy. :cheers:

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if this is a pouch in the jacket the back protector sits in i wouldnt bother

get one that you strap on to your back like this


sits and waits for comments from the pervs on here about the text highlighted red :lol:

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Lol someone has got a dirty mind....

Quite right tho, the ones that you wear under your jacket are far better, they also provide some front protection with some types having kidney belts

I got this one, fits well and very comfy.


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personally i would say buy the best that you can afford .....no point buying the best in one area to skimp on another area .... i use inserts yes i know they are not as good as a seperate so don't be "mislead" ( i am not saying that the above are trying to mislead you btw i just cant think ofthe right word ) that they are no good they offer better protection than none or the small silly wafer thin foam insert you get in jackets ......

if you can afford the seperate do so but if not do not worry and think well if i save up i won't buy an insert etc etc ..

the knox ones are about £15 ( insert )

the seperates range from £35 +

you need to be wearing your jacket etc when you try the seperates to make sure that you get a comfy fit with the jacket on

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