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Where am I?

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Thought about this today whilst coming back from darkest Kent.

I'll post a pic, you tell me where it is then you go and take a pic there and ride off and take a pic somewhere else. (sound familiar!!)

Once you have done this come back here and post.

Rules are simple, just one golden rule really so as to keep it going, that is pics have to be taken that day whilst your out and about.

If you are reading this and you live in another area you are more than welcome to come and join in but please don't be too silly in posting pics really far away, try and keep the distance between pics to somewhere doable on a tank of petrol, max. :)

I'll start (obviously), somewhere easy, I was on my way home along the B2192 and dropped in to have a look whilst cleaning my visor.......



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Well, it is not intended to replace 'the other one', just posted really to make it a bit easier and to keep it sort of localised too. Hopefully more people can take part as there are quite a few people down here who can easily go and do it.

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I might just do that when I go that way

Which will be soon

If only I can remeber where it is :lol:

Well... I was on an adventure (aka LOST) at the time lol

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