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Finally able to book CBT!

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As the subject says, I have my CBT booked finally!

This Sunday at 8.30am sharp in Bloton. Can't wait!

I have been waiting over a month to book it now, as I sent off for my provisional licence many many weeks ago. However the DVLA were so kind that they lost my application form, this was also the period of time the Royal Mail were on strike, so my application would take maximum 4 weeks rather than 2 according to the DVLA.

4 weeks passed and it was at this point (after two previous phone calls to them) they decided to tell me they have no information on me and had lost my application. Even though during the two previous calls they took details to try and find me on the database, failed (but didn't tell me this), and just told me to phone back in a week. This happened twice.

Still, once they figured out they had lost it I was able to send another application free of charge with pre-paid postage (straight to some woman there rather than the 'general application' address) and I recieved my provisional in about a week.

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£80 same for the place hes going.

I can't recommend the place more! (Tis where i did mine too).

Good luck boss, its piss easy though :P Looking forward to our first rideout!

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Woop. Passed on the sunday!

Was good, enjoyed it and I can now ride my Megelli 125 S :D hope it treats me as well as I intend to treat it.

I would do a write up on the 'CBT - Experiences of other Members' thread but you may aswell go to page 22 of that thread and read CobbZ's. I started writing one and then read his and they were pretty much the same thing with different wording and a few very minor differences (did it as same place and did exactly the same stuff with similar comments about Big John and Barry being hilarious and good teachers).

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