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Leathers off Ebay

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I am currently wearing RST RIFT Textiles however would like to move to leathers, however as i am bit skint at the moment I cannot get set of Alpines, Berik or Arlen ness. I've had a look around ebay and found this these (See Link). I am a relatively new biker and wondered what people's opinion was.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT

Any help would be brill.


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doesn't say how thick the leather is. You would want it to be at least 1.1 mm - 1.4 mm thick.

i'd always be careful with buying stuff off ebay, especially non branded gear. Yeah, they may be a good price, but they might be worse off at protecting you than your current RST textiles.

also with leathers, it is important (so i've been told) to make sure you go and try the stuff on before you buy as the sizes really vary from brand to brand.

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I would stay away from them ones as they are non branded.

I have bought two pairs of leathers from Ebay both were 2nd hand and 1 set was 1" too big the other 1" too small! - but both saved me at least £500 on the original prices and neither had scrapes marks cuts grazes etc etc

Just ask as many questions as you can and get as many photo's as you can to back it up incase you need to return them


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I can guarantee that if you buy them, they will arrive direct from India in a hessian sack. With single stiching all over, not a sign of double or treble and the 'CE approved' armour will be pieces of foam.

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I'd want to try them on first, well worth going into a shop and try a few different makes on, you'll see how much variation there is in fit between makes.

They may be cheap but if you have to buy another set because the fit is horrible then it's not saving much!

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For £230 you could get yourself a new RST Rift Leather Jacket and trousers, which is only slightly more than the link you posted. I can vouch for the jacket, is well made, and very comfy.

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I have RST textiles and can't fault them so I wouldn't have any problem buying their leathers. They're a good price too.

Also check out this guys ebay store.


He has a lot of cheap ixon kit which are good quality. Compare his prices to other shops, over half price.

I bought a 1 piece ixon suit from there. I tried and sent back a few different suits before that and had no problems with returns.

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I was in the same boat as you.

So I saved up for a couple of months, and went to the shops and forked out for some Berik leathers, and had someone advise me on sizing.

I tried on 12 sets of leathers til I found the right size as I'm a fat short arse.

Always best to go and try them on and get them to fit as tight as possible

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