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have I spiked my datatool alarm? lol


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anywhooo , my bike battery died, so I took it out and gave a goood charge till it was full.

Thing is when i was taking it out i forgot to take out the in-line fuse for the alarm.

now when i connect my bike battery back up, the alarm will disarm like normal.

But when I try start my bike it does heehaw , apart from trying to start. sometimes it does sound like its about to start but that may just be me lol.

Thought it may have been the cold at first but ive tried everything , even with the choke etc :D

so do ya think i need to de-spike my alarm? :D

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sounds to me like the alarm is ok if its dissarming and arming and the bike is trying to fire!

Usually the immobiliser side is on the ignition so the bike wont even try to fire sometimes it wont even turn over depending on how the immobiliser is wired in they usually protect two circuits

also you dont have to remove the fuse to remove the battery

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hmmmm , I let it sit in the "sun" today haha , to let it sorta heat up a wee bit.

tried to start it but no luck , battery drained again :(

im sure it cant be the battery cus its a brand new one ! or can it?

also sometimes when its trying to start up a loud bang comes from the end of the exhaust :shock:

surely the cold cant be causing all this?

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well fuel is getting through as and you have a spark as you have a back fire :lol:

has it been sat for a length of time? and what bike is it ?

the carbs could be gummed up and need cleaning they may not be enough fuel getting through

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hasn't been sat for long. Guy I bought it from even rode it over , it ran outa petrol and sat for about a week, then battery died. so took that out n charged it . Put battery back in once charged and put some more petrol in it . by the time this was done the temperature dropped alot cus of the snow n stuff lol.

its a 1999 Yamaha Fazer 600.

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it could be that the carbs are empty and taking time to fill up properly with it running out doesnt usually take long though

some people will say you have dragged crap through into the carbs with it running out of fuel but seen as though fuel is drawn from the bottom of the tank and fuel filters are designed to catch any crap i always hard to believe its possible as any crap would just sit at the bottom of the tank anyway

but it doesnt mean it hasnt got crap in the lines and blocked carbs

i would give it a few more goes if no luck i would start checking fuel is getting through properly and then strip the carbs for a quick clean up

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The fuel system is vacuum operated and the fuel valve has 3 positions: prime, on and res. According to the owners manual prime should be used when the bike has been standing for an extended period or when there is no petrol in the carbs because of running out of petrol.

Robbed from das google .... :)

Stick it on Prime Tako ...

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