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Hard Luggage Question

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The numbers they give are guides, but not to be taken too seriously. For example, my rear rentec rack on bandit says dont put more than 7kg onit, well i've used the thing to lift the bike up at the rear end to move it around (when i took off my wheel, and swinger for working on) so must ahve had what? ... 110kg on it? :lol: The thing to be more worried about is the actuall topbox, make sure whatever you put in it wont smash against the sides (possibly causing a crack to appear) But yet again, I wouldn't see anything wrong with carrying a 12kg chain, and lots of extras in the box. :) -- Make sure if you do get one, that you harden up the rear shock just a smidgen, as having a 12kg chain in a top box, would be amost equivalent to you putting on... say 20-30kg?

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TC, I got confused after looking at another site. I assumed from the givi site that it would be that the contents were the 10Kg but then another site said the case+contents made up the allowance. The Hein Gericke shop near me were useless too. I think I'm going to have to pay a visit to my normal Hein Gericke people. Just don't want to spend all that money and get it wrong.

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Wanners. Click on the link, select the case Mono KEY/LOCK chose your case and it will tell you the size and what weight it can carry.


The V46 monoKEY only has a 46 litre capacity but can carry upto 10kg

The E470 monoLOCK has a 47 Litre capacity but can only carry up to 3 kg

Thats the case (no pun) with Givi

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my rack has a 6kg limit but the box is 10kg limit

and my arse has a 12stone limit but I'm 16 stone lol

sorry about that I've been on the vodka again my doc told me to drink more fluids :roll:

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Just thought I'd update. I paid a trip to the local Suzuki dealer. They've said that the weight that Givi give (10Kg) is the weight of the box plus contents which only leaves about 5Kg....

He did add that it was up to the individual if they wanted to carry more but it was at their own risk...

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