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triumph jacket

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hi all this may be a silly question but i have just bought a great jacket on ebay its a triumph triple connection and is in mint condition and only £45,Will do me fine to use when on my lessons.the question is do i have to buy the trousers to match the jacket or will most makes zip into the jacket .i think o know the answer but i have been known to be wrong .

most times :oops:

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Its kind of hit'n'miss with those. It may zip, it may not. I have 3 jackets and none zips with my trousers lol. Also they all have different zips between them :roll:

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Generally speaking, you need to get the same brand if you want them to zip together. But you say it's a Triumph jacket - is it their own make or have another clothing company made it for them? If so you could well get away with buying that make of trousers.

Also most manufacturers will supply the other half of the zip with the trousers/jacket, so you can take a different pair to a place that does the job to have the zips made compatible. Does that make sense?????? :? :lol:

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