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CBR 600F 16K Service


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Well my bike has 15,855 miles on it and I guess she is due the 16k? Does anybody have any idea how much it might be? Should I take it to Honda or will I get ripped off? I did for the last service/Mot and it was a quick turnaround with a loan bike too. I have not ridden this bike since November 2009, but she has been with another man from 2010 until Jan this year who replaced the chain and sprockets and had an MOT done, he put barely any mileage on her though.

I checked the oil level last night during Idling, and it seems a bit low, just over the minimum line.

Should I ride? Or should I ride straight to the dealer for the 16k?

Thanks for your help.

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Change the oil and filter, Check the brake pads and change the brake fluid.

You could oil the cables, check the tension of the chain and pressure/condition of the tyres.

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TC - I am no good at this, I will have to get it done professionally. :(

Though I think I can manage an oil change but that's about it...

Eastanglian Biker - I let it idle to warm up then switch it off and check the level.

I am not sure when the last oil change was, does anybody know the full list of things done on a 16k Service?

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Dunno mate....but it could be a valve clearance service....which normally works out pretty expensive. Is it injected? If so it can be a good idea to put it in to a genuine Honda service centre to make sure the ECU maps are kept up to date.

Other than that the rest is fairly simple..... 8-)

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400 quid! That's the reason I do all my own servicing! Drag its never too late to learn you know ;-)

Google is your friend for the service interval to see what needs doing buy a Haynes manual and we will all help but it is easy the hardest part is getting the fairing off!

Personally I would do oil and filter air filter plugs brake fluid check pads check valve clearance balance throttle bodies lube cables and all pivot points

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If you want the full workshop manual let me know and i'll upload it for you.

Valves are checked at 16K, if they need to be adjusted expect 2-3 hours labour charge as well as £5 per shim thats replaced, there are 16 shims that may need to be replaced but usually some can be swapped around.

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Thanks guys, today when I was moving her into the back garden (it's VERY tight) - I dropped her :cry:

One bent brake lever, broken indicator casing and scuffs on the fairings...

First time I have fully dropped her, last time I dropped her I was sat on top, so it didnt hit the floor as hard.

And I was looking forward to a ride today too :o


Please upload the manual, thanks.

I have decided to work on it myself over the coming weeks. I used to fix computers, surely that will help? :roll:

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