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Oil leaking out of engine. Honda CBF125.


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Hi everyone,

On my Honda CBF 125 I seem to have engine oil leaking out of the left hand side of the engine. Originally this was coming out of the nuts and bolts but after doing an oil change (I'm guessing it was too high pressure wise) it seems to be coming out of other places now!

I'm going to guess I've blown something, somehow. Hopefully I haven't blown the engine, any ideas? I'm hoping I don't have to buy a whole new lump for it...

Tomorrow I'm going to do an oil change again, this time put less in - this was my first ever oil change so I might have buggered it even more. (but hey, I'm trying to learn and I'm very new to this! computers I -can- do, engines... not quite clicked yet)

The bike seems to be performing just fine, It only seems to start leaking after it's been going for a while or I hit a 60mph section.

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You should only be using a litre of oil or so...

Just 1! But check your manual, I've not known a 125 use more than 1 litre when it was just a single cylinder.

Upload a picture and I can tell you what it is :)

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Well... I did the oil change, and about 1.2L came out of it. If you estimate that 15-20% is still left in there then that's way, way over! max capacity is 1.1L... suggested change is 900ml... ouch. The poor thing.

I've now put in the correct amount, and it's not leaking as bad but I'm going to have to man up, buy a Haynes and some tools and fix it myself. Had a mechanic guy at work look at it, looks like it'll be all okay as soon as I get the gaskets replaced.

It was a dumb, newbie mistake and all down to impatience. I think when I last topped up the oil I didn't do the dipstick reading properly (the whole, let it run and then leave it a few mins to settle cycle) Ah well! this is how we learn right?! :D

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