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hi guys i need some help,

ive got a 2009 ccm cxr230, a few weeks ago it cut out when i was on my way how and wouldnt start again so i had to push it home,

i checked the spark plug and there was no spark so i changed it.

the next day i went to work on it 8 miles away and it was fine, then on the way home it cut out again and wouldnt start, i checked the plug again by taking it out reconnecting it and turning the bike over, and there was no spark again so i changed it again thinking it was maybe a bad plug.

so i put a new plug in again and the same thing happened again, went to work fine but on the way home it cut out again only this time it would start again and i could keep riding but when i accelerated hard it cuts out again but would restart and so on.

i thought that maybe it was a fueling problem as it was cutting out under acceleration so i stripped the carb to clean it, it was pretty clean but i cleaned it all anyway, i then took it out for a test ride and after about 20 mins it did the same again, as i had i runing i checked to see if the plug cap was on properly and i had a shock off it, so i then replaced this and still the same again, i then replaced the coil and ht lead aswell but still no luck.

i dont know what to do next.

ps. ive also checked the air filter and that looks fine too.

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Welcome to TMBF mate.......pop over to the newbies section and introduce yoursel to the guys & gals when you can...... 8-)

When you say it cuts out there is normally a clue to the system that is failing.......sudden failure normally points to ignition.......jerking and some midfiring before it cuts out often points to fuel system......not always, but often this is the case..... :wink:

I'd check the tank breather and fuel filter first.....make sure that fuel is getting to the carb.....I'm assuming it doesn't have a fuel pump?

Then see where you go from there.... 8-)

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My bet would be electrical.

The 'no spark' when checked is a big clue.

Check the connections on the coil as a first step (it may also be that the coil itself is breaking down). Also check all earth studs/connections are sound. 2nd, check the feed from the ignition to the coil. If this is all OK, then it starts to get more difficult to find the issue.

Good luck!


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You don't say what colour your plug is when you take it out. I know it's only a short distance but any colouring is a big indicator.

Sounds like a cumulative thing if it consistantly happens on the way back...

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