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1998 cbr600f swing arm quires... Help


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Hay eveyone thought id come scratch your noodles seeing as you always helped me in the past.

Anyway i have a 1998 cbr600f but the previous owners used it as a hack/ winter dog and the swingarm is starting to rott so i was wondering can i fit any other swingarms from any other bike like a 600 hornet and how much hassle would it be. Thats of course i cant find a cheap one for this model.

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you can make most things fit if you have the tools and the know how

the only real way to tell is to get both arms and start measuring

the main issue is whether things like the rear wheel will be inline then theres other issues like suspension mounts, rear brake mounting point, rear wheel spacing then you need to find out if you will have enough travel in the arm too so the suspension can work and the new arm doesnt catch the frame

this is just a few problems that you will come across

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Ok thank you both for being honest its obviously i thought as ive got to replace the swing arm why not put my own stamp on the bike make it unique so to speak but as you say theres a lot of fundamentals i need to square away 1st. Possibly even same bike but slightly newer model would think that the blueprints wouldnt of changed that much?

Many thanks

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you will be surprised at what can change between models

dont write it off though look about someone may have done it already

I have just fitted a braced swingarm to mine which involved a bit of work have a read through viewtopic.php?f=87&t=49806

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thank you fella for the suggestion with the single sided swinging arm wouldnt i have to adjust the whole back end. I.E rear lights, indicators, number plate?

there's couple more things ive trolled the internet and so far cant come up with anything but im trying to find a a undertail for the bike but cant find anything..

finally i need to know the names of these items as ive got to replace both of them, i know im a novice be gentle haha.

many thanks


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