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Honda cb500 race build

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Just joined the forum to day,

Im building a Honda cb500 for race use, have had around 4-5 cb500 for racing in the past.

Please note what i have written below is removed off another forum i started a project on, saves me wirting it all again.

This is around the 5th cb500 i have fully built, have built one to run in 2008 and finshed around 4th-5th in new era championship on my 1st season on the 500 and missing about 3 rounds. Then built a new one to run with Thundersport in 2009, did mallory park having got a 1st and 4th, then kind of gave up racing, did build another a year later but had to sell due to lack of funds.

Now on to building my last cb500 i hope LoL, this im hoping will turn out the best one i have eva done, people who have seen my bikes they will know i turn out the best looking bikes.

With me not running with Thundersport i dont have to build it to there regs, but for the moment i am, at a later date im going to stick a brembo master cylinder on and maybe a diffrent front end and better shockes, but if i do stick with stock front end i have a spare set of forks i picked up and im going to run them abit diffrent on the inside for some adjustment. Also going to look at which other tyres i could maybe run.

At the moment i have just got the bike to a rolling chassic yestday. Engine has been fully stripped had cases vapour blasted, and it is at Adi's motocycle workshop(near goole) at the min getting rebuilt, might have that back for xmas if i can get the money for the rebuild.

Below is a full list of stuff i have brought for the bike so far

1996 road cb500 (£480)

£55 rear caliper and hanger

£90 x2 new rear disc

£32.50 swing arm disc type

£10 new master cylinder cap

£5 fork dust seals

£24 spare wheel spindles

£25 sliver and gold powered coated

£85 rear sets

£15 dp front pads

£105 gloss black powered coated

£20 fork bottoms powered coated

£70 carbs refurb

£38 ali wheel spaces

£40 temp sender and gauge

£210 plating/chroming/ polishing

£25 spare engine bolts

£30 engine side cases powered coated

£13 x2 sets of grips

£280 hagon shocks +springs

£13 bars aftermarket

£10 riser plates in ali

£85 lucas front disc

£10 new honda tank rubbers

£10 new honda rad rubbers

£50 more plating/chroming/polishing

£17 tank pad hrc

£30 x4 racing spark plugs

£18 another set of aftermarket bars

£8 bar ends

£10 hornet front leaver

£50 dry whhels powered coated

£120 new rad

£30 new honda side panle rubbers

£31 new honda x4 fork bushers

£150 forks rechromed

£75 forks rebuilt

£160 engine vapour blasted

£25 new honda front hugger stay

And all below stuff i got with £500 from same company

Clutch cable, throttle cable, pk10 disc bolts, air filter, set of carb to head rubbers, brake leaver, top+bottom headstock bearings, x4 front wheel bearings, x2 rear wheel bearings, front master cylinder repair kit, front caliper new pistons and seals, front sprocket, oil filter, battery, new sprocket rubbers, swing arm bearing kit, new rear master cylinder, pk5 caliper short boots, pk5 caliper long boots, oil 4L, x1 gear leaver 4inch, x1 gear leaver 5inch, titanium 50mm slip on can, set of exhaust down pipes, rear caliper piston and seals, x2 sprocket carrie bearings.

since the list above i have spent around £800 more so far

Will add picutres soon.

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Pictures start from how it stands now.

























More to come

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More pictures
























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Thats the last of the pictures for now.

List still to do

Fit chain, need a rivet link

Brake lines get made/bleed

cut loom down

vac carbs up

Also check wheel aliment

all above will be done next week by my friend who also rebuilt the engine Adis workshop nr Goole who also built the engine for me

Buy 40-41-42 talon rear sprockets

Then got to get body work painted

Buy dry tyres


and a good clean and check over

Then i have to get my self kitted out again, been adding up bet around 2k still left to spend cheap build so far lol.

Thanks for looking


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I was going to build a commuter hack like this in a similar manner, glad to see someone else is doing it before I think about taking that plunge :)

Looking like good work there, I like the powdercoat on the frame!

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Thanks for the replays.

Not done much for a bit, it now runs and is not far off from been 100% done, My body work is away at paintes at the min should have that back this week, need a set of dry tyres ording, then im on the dyno on the 28th of march, runs a bit shit at min low down as done a mod to air box so that has not helped with the jetting, and just got to get another new set of pads as swapped for a diffrent caliper. Im also trying to get this done for a track day at cadwell in april 15 or th think it is, its on a Tuesday, so got the above to do to bike and get my eyes tested and my race lince sent off.

Will upload some picutres once bike is done and with my dyno readings hoping for 52bhp plus.

Also brought another cb500 other week, im just on with stripping and cleaning it at min, and bolting it back together, im going to do this just as a cheap spare, i want it ready for track for less the £600 and i payed £150 for it will look a dog but it will be a spare bike and will get fully rebuilt over winter.

Also i did have a ybr 125 road bike, sold that also and got my self a aprilia rs125 2002, that has been fully stripped and i have just started to rebuild it loads of brand new parts fitted, like forks, swing arm, rear suspion and front disc and more stuff. Will start a new thread on this when i get chance.



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Bikes been dynoed and now sounds 100times better, was running very lean on the top end when 1st ran it on dyno, stock power out put is 52bhp, im making 53.2bhp which is good for a stock bike, and 35.5ft lbs of torque,

got my new dry tyres yestday and fitted, conti attack never used them befor so will see how they go and how they last very soft thow.

Took a little video clip of it running today not the best, just hope video works for you.






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Look on this forum, will get loads of help on there, and bloke who sells the race body work is also on there. If not look on ebay under cb500race and you will find some race body work on there.


Was at Cadwell on 15th April, first run on bike and first time on track for 4 years, wanted to be quicker but it will not come back in one day, had to adjust a few bits after first session, and after that all other 6 sessions went ok, there was two other cb500s there and one i just flown past him in a str8 line, other was in slower group.

Hoping to be back at cadwell soon going to try get again on 17th of may think it is, few things to do befor goes back, buy some tyre warmers, new motor cross chain, 41t sprocket ran a 42t at cadwell, new oil filter and fresh water, and a good check over, and ready to go again.

just dont feel 100% with the tyres, still abit off the edge of them, on the front tyre to wear i have lent it after that, the side of the tyre just drops off and i could feel it slid a few times. Trying some diffrent tyres after the next track day as race club im on about running with run diffrent tyres, club is hottrax, as they are after running a cb500 class.



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if you pm me your email address i will email bloke who runs the forum and ask him about it.

two pictures from cadwell one is a picture of the day, the photo bloke who took it was well happy with it lol.




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Cool build man! and very very thorough! Always good to see the underdog bikes on track, even better when they are showing the 1000cc supersport boys how its done!

Glad to hear you got her on track and had fun, that pic is awesome, the wide pan blurred pics with lots of scenery are always my favourites on track days.

Keep it shiny side up man maybe see you on track sometime this year 8-)

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Hi Guys,

Ken from BikeBuilds.net here. Nice Honda!

We were glad to add lt racing's bike to our database: http://www.bikebuilds.net/honda-550-racer-build-by-lt-racing


should you not be asking permission to lift info from registered users on this site and add them to your own site ????

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Would of been good to of been asked first, why would you want this bike on your wesite and what is your website for. Also it is a 500, not a 550 never in this thread have i said its a 550.


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Hi Lee,

Thanks for pointing out the error we made in mislabeling the bike. It's been corrected.

You've posed two good questions, so here are the answers:

- What is our website for?

As it says on the homepage, it's intended as an encyclopedia of motorcycle builds. We're building a compendium of builds spanning a wide range of bike types and interest areas. Everything from offroad to racing, from Ural to Ducati. A single-point resource for anyone interested in motorcycle projects of any kind. All of our entries are sourced from public forums and fully credited and linked back to their original threads, thereby not only assuring full credit to the original builder, but increasing traffic back to the original site.

- Why would we want this bike on our website?

Simply put, we thought it was an excellent example of its type and would serve as a source of information and inspiration to other builders.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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Ok Ken that is no promble, Thanks for picking my bike.


Been doing few bits on this, along with sorting bits out on my other befor i strip that for rebuil.

At cadwell on the 19th, cant wait just hope its dry.

Brought two new sets of tyres, pair of BT090 and 003 set me back just over £400

Also had a new exhaust made and got a new end can, and started to grind old pipe at cadwell, Pipe cost £250 then £150 for can i think.








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Well i was at Cadwell on this on the 19th and what a shit day i had,

Was wet and dry in places so stuck my fuked wets on lol, did 3 sighting laps on them, then changed to drys and waited a bit for it to dry out but was still damp in places, there was a few other cb's there think about 5 in total, soon as i went out 3 of them passed me and made me look slow lol,

Next time out it was about fully dry, for this track day i had a new exhaust made as my old was was grinding round the old hairpin, this one was just as bad, doing it in 2 diffrent places, so this pissed me off, put a downer on my day, so swaped for my other pipe around dinner.

Went out and starting to feel better not as quick thow as i was when i was last there which is not what i wanted to do.

Near the end of day i had a camera fitted by a bloke in the paddock 10quid for 30mins, went out battery was flat, so went out again, did some good over takes few round out side going in to all bends as close to grass as i could get,said sorry to the people when i got passed them thow, the bloke cut the video short and it sounds all wrong to were i am and only plays on my laptop, so never use him again.

I manged to see another cb in the afternoon, caught him up and flown str8 past him in a str8 line, and both bikes are stock lol, thats twice i have done that :D . Asked my dad how fast another bloke was on the cb, he said about on par with me, but after watching the blokes video i was around 2sec quicker, even thow i have gone 7secs quicker round cadwell befor.

Bloke who made my new exhaust took it to him on way back from cadwell and he has sorted it for free and also sorted my other for free so top bloke, unsure at the min if to do Donington with thundersport gb, or do another track day at cadwell or oulton, as need to give the bike a good check over and dyno as felt there was some thing wrong with the bike at end of the day.

Im on with building another cb, just been doing a dry build with it has made a few stuff out of ali, trying to save weight, just got few more bits to sort out and that could be a spare bike for when im out next but next few weeks will start a indepth build thread on that.



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