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Stock or Custom?


<t>Stock or custom</t>  

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  1. 1. Stock or custom

    • Authenticity is important in every detail
    • Nothing that would alter the performance or handling
    • There's always room for a few after-market 'upgrades'
    • Individuality is key, I want to make my bike my own
    • The madder the better!

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Do you like your bike to be as authentic as the day it left the factory floor or do you prefer to tinker and turn it into something more individual?

Vote for up to TWO statements that best describe how you feel about customizing bikes

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I've not owned a bike yet that was 'perfect; in every detail.. they simply don't make them for someone my height. because if it suited ME perfectly it would be totally unsuitable for the vast majority of buyers.

Current new bike came with some add-ons. Ive added more. the grips were too narrow.. so 'grip puppies'. The mirrors need moving so 'extenders' are on order. The seat is too low.. so will be built up. and later the pegs dropped a little. Further down the line I might move that handlebars.. or replace them completely. depends on whether the bike turns out to be a 'keeper' - which right now, seems likely.

The GS.. already a tall bike has been totally individualised. there aren't many people who could ride it - the way it is now. There are very few who could come close to getting both feet on the ground - the seat height is 38". both shocks - front and rear were built to my personal specs.

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The Bonnie is fairly close to stock - the extras on it (flyscreen, panniers and rack) are Triumph and I haven't tampered with exhausts or the engine...yet. It has a renntec rack (still in keeping with the look) and front floating disc upgraded. I do like some of the customized Hinckley Bonnies but don't want to do anything too extreme with mine - I like it too much! Maybe an aftermarket exhaust when funds allow.

The Speed Four is lowered, has an aftermarket carbon exhaust, converted from clip-ons to flat bars, bar-end mirrors, laminar lip. smoked rear light, carbon hugger etc.... Ironically I've ordered some triumph indicators off a Daytona to replace the cheapy carbon-look LEDs as I don't really like them - clear lenses with orange bulbs though. I think its already been remapped to get rid of a low-end flat spot. I would consider a custom paint job on this one though - would have to stay green though.

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I don't mod with the intention to be individual I just do it to suit me better. But then saying that all I have changed on mine is levers and rear undertray, to make it look more modern and tidy and shorter levers for comfort.

I believe in using the bike how I want and if my resale is affected because of something I done it's a cost for the joy imo

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My first bike and the Trophy I had a few years back are the only bikes I've not tinkered with..... :wink:

I like putting my stamp on my bikes.....not normally anything too outrageous.....but just personalizing them..... 8-)

Most of the bling on my Speedy was on there when I bought it.......I've just added a couple of things to it to make it mine...... :wink:

The Honda is a different matter though.......most of the customising so far has involved an angle grinder...... :wink: :lol: :lol:

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It depends on the bike for me. If it's something special, I like them standard. There's only two bikes I regret selling, and they were my TDR250 and my SP-1.

The SP was minter than an extra strong mint with mint sauce and a kendal mint cake for pudding.

On the other hand, I once modified a vtr1000 (firestorm) with a viffer swingarm and one off pipe, with a load of other trick bits and engine tuning. The vtr is still about and now and again crops up on ebay.

The second firestorm got a full strip down, powdercoated frame, Yosh pipes, moriwaki bits etc.

Can you tell I love twins. ? :D

There's a few more things planned for the B-King, but at the moment it's just a set of pipes and headlight mask.







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My absolute dream bike these days is basically the new version of what I've already got with a ton of extra crap thrown in or stuck to it... I started making the shopping list at work today seeing as there's talk of a pay rise, I think it's already double the value of the bike itself :lol:

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My Fireblade streetfighter has two pages of mods declared to the insurance company plus a load I forgot to mention. It's my bike and I'll do what I want to it. I don't care about what anybody else thinks, coz it's MY bike. As for factory streetfighters, don't get me started on that one. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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