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Signal generator/crankcase cover replacement


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I've got a new Signal generator case cover for my bike as after my recent accident the original cracked and the bike lost all the oil.

I have a new gasket for it too. Question is do I just clean the surfaces of the case on the bike, remove the old bits of gasket then just simply add the new parts and torque the 5 bolts? Do I need to add a bit of new oil to the edges of the case?

Is is that simple?


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no oil needed just clean up and refit

and I will go against torquing the bolts!

just tighten by hand then nip them up fill with oil and make sure there is no leaks

the most commonly snapped bolts are those little ones and they are usually snapped when someone is using a torque wrench on them :wink:

remember to tighten them all evenly too

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Hi, common sense should always prevail. After years of experience (in snapping bolts lol) you get to know how tight is too tight just by feel:-) Even when tightening fixings with a torque wrench you'll feel when your about to strip/snap a thread even if the torque wrench hasn't broken off yet.

As for torquing copper slipped fixings I have never had a problem. However I realise where your coming from ie hydraulic effect.

In this case I wouldn't use a torque wrench anyway. Just wind the bolts in by hand until you feel pressure. Then even tighten the bolts in a diagonal fashion. Stops the cover warping and potentially leaking or cracking.


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