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boots for shortarses

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Somebody has recommended Daytona Lady Pilot boots, they have a 6cm heel and lots of other features I like the look of, and I've found the best price (even with the shipping) on a German site. I've pretty well made my mind up they are the ones I want, so just asking if anybody has any experience of them before I commit to buying them?

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One thing I will say is you must try them on before you buy!

Women's legs and boots don't match!

For some reason the majority of women struggle to get boots that will fasten properly over their calf's

So try before you buy is my advice

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I know someone who was skinny as a twig and she could still not get boots to fit right!

its something to do with the way women's calf's are shaped the muscle starts lower down than a man's!!

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This may not be the most ethical approach, but where this is a big difference between prices on the UK sites and German site (e.g. Sportsbikeshop vs. FC Moto) I sometimes order from the UK site to try different sizes, then send everything back and place my final order with Germany.

P&P is free for delivery and returns with SBS, and stuff arrives next day if you order before 3pm. It's a bit more faff but the most cost effective.

I have tried to get SBS to match the other prices but they declined because they're non-UK, and I have also bought from them when the price difference has been less than £30 or so. But sometimes you pay the best part of £100 less from a German site which is too much of a discount to pass up!

Sportsbikeshop do have the Lady Pilots in stock...

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Thanks, Miguel, that is a possibility but so much hassle! If I were to have to send something back it would be a pain wherever I sent it. The German site I looked at was by far the cheapest and the girl who recommended them to me sounds as if she is a similar fitting to me. She kindly offered to let me try hers if I was anywhere nearby but as she is in the south of England and I am in North Wales that's not really an option. So I'm going to see if I've got any money left after all my standing orders etc go out on the first of the month and then order the Lady Pilots from Germany.

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