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4 Way relay fuse box


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I have been looking for a way to power some accessories on my bike (sat nav heated grips etc )

I have used auxiliary fuse boxes before and they can be a bit of a mess especially if you want to switch each circuit individually through a relay.

Then I found this from Cosmo accessories,



Its a pcb 4 way relay with individual fuses for each circuit

You have one power feed in and 4 out!

You can have it so the power to the board is switched with the ignition and then each circuit can be switched individually too or you can have it so power is going through it all the time! so you have a choice,

The thing I like about it is its all contained in one box and you don't have to mess about wiring relays,

Each circuit is protected by a 7.5A fuse which is more than enough for heated grips and sat nav they are mini blade fuses too so easily available,

First impressions are its pretty well built for the price, its not waterproof but finding a dry place to put it won't be a problem for most bikes, connecting wiring up is very easy and no messing with extra connectors

card for sizing and advertising :lol:


2016-02-02 16.21.58.jpg


2016-02-02 16.23.46.jpg


2016-02-02 16.24.13.jpg


2016-02-02 16.24.25.jpg


2016-02-02 16.24.56.jpg


2016-02-02 16.28.56.jpg


2016-02-02 16.29.33.jpg


2016-02-02 16.30.02.jpg

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yeah when you start pricing up relays a fuse box connectors and wiring it can soon mount up then messing about wiring it all up!!

this takes all the hassle out of that and its just a few wires to connect it up

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Looks very useful.

I was after something like this for when I fitted my accessories, but I couldn't find anything apart from a distribution block from Halfords which is used for car audio.

It works the same as this apart from not being fused, so I just chucked in some in line ones. May have to pick one of these up whilst I have the link.

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I brought one of these from the States


Not cheap, but I'm not buying another, it will be transferred to the next bike should l go in for a change. Works faultlessly heated grips, and other high powered gear on the switched circuit, satnav usb and others on a constant supply.

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Yeah I saw those Chris

but way too much for my liking!!

I have just spent £16 on bits and bobs to wire all this up although this was out of choice and safety you don't have to spend as much as I have you can do it a lot cheaper! I have also bought more than I need to stock pile some electrical bits

I bought 3 metres of red and black cable

A waterproof fuse holder with a bracket which will cover the whole circuit and will sit as close to the battery as possible the good thing about these is additional holders can be clipped together if you ever need to add more fuses for anything

Battery terminal connectors

shrink tube of various sizes and colours

I just need to find time to wire it up!!

2016-02-06 15.10.59.jpg

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I fitted this yesterday

No pics I'm afraid!

fitting is very easy and it just works!

I have no fires yet so it cant be too bad :lol:

I tapped in to a switched live to activate the board and just shorted the relays so they are all on when the ignition is on

the cut away's for the wires in the enclosure aren't the best! if you knock them out you would have to feed the wires in to the box before you wire in to the board and could make it awkward! instead I cut the bottom of the cut away's off

I will try and get some pics

but overall its a top bit of kit for a good price

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