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Wheel bearing help


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Im doing front end conversion on my er6 2010. And now looking for a front rim, since zx6 yokes take 25mm axle and my current rim is 20mm.

But i just tough of taking er6 6004 (20x42x12) and replacing it with 6905 (25x42x12) one.

Only concern is will this bearing do the job for me? I read some forums and found some info on it but no exact answer.

And anyone would know where i could find 6905 bearing as it seems like there is only 2 options costume made one for£100 a piece, which is not worth the trouble. Or getting one from China, which would take ages to get here and would want to try avoid it.

Help appreciated

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Right, you didn't mention the OD of the zx6r bearing which is 47mm...

Personally, I would look at going a different route - either shim the OEM er6 spindle or machine the wheel to accept the zx6r bearing. This way you won't have problems sourcing a bearing in the future.

I know zx6r rims are a bit pricey but getting a set of those would be easiest.

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