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Coming home today and approach my turn off from main road and as i put clutch in and changed down bike stalled, coast round corner trying to restart and just point blank wouldn't start, manage to coast it the rest of way home.

Tried few more times with and without choke, throttle open a bit etc... Just could not get it to restart.

Engine was very hot to the touch but air cooled so couldn't say if normal or not... Never really checked lol

Left it for about half hour and then started first time but very rough idle and would only rev of throttle turned really slow (once past 1k would rev happily) but before then turning throttle any faster it would just bog down and stall. Know that's fairly normal carb behaviour but know how fast can turn throttle when cold, this needed far slower turn than that and engine was still warm.

Could this be overheating issue? Was thinking fuel first but the fact it restarted after a while without touching anything when I'd tried loads before is bit baffling.

If overheating then tbh no reason why it should have as was 3 mile journey with no traffic and only stopped once so plenty of air flow and was much cooler than earlier in week doing same journey.

Only 330 miles on clock so still under warranty but rather sort it myself if as can't be without it.

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Cheers read up and does sound like most likely issue, just the job of getting it back to dealer now if it's going to be regular problem or worse case is its absolutely fine taking it to them.

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Just had a try and thankfully it is easily replicated...

Started on the button from cold, and ran fine, put the choke on to bump up the revs and left it idling for a few mins ~2k RPM, flicked the choke off and it idled fine but as soon as tried to open throttle it just bogged down and stalled, restarted ok a few times though and would rev if throttle was turned about as quickly as the hour hand goes round a clock, any faster (even slower than "normal" acceleration) just caused it to bog down and stall. After another minute or so it just refused to restart.

The engine was untouchable but the carb and fuel lines were still totally cold. I also tried with fuel cap open to ensure not venting issue - no difference.

The fuel lines do not go close to the head and reading about vapour lock many seem to be under impression that gravity fed systems should not suffer from it?

Spoke to dealer... they can collect (at a fee!) but earliest they can look at bike is Wednesday (closed Sun/Mon) and cannot provide loan bike... I need it for work on Tuesday (well tbh I could take car for a few days but besides point).

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When my old Lexmoto went wrong on a weekly basis and needed warranty repairs, I used to insist on bringing it to the stealership first thing saturday and them being done with it by the end of the day... no excuses, they knew I needed it for my commute and if they couldn't provide a replacement while it was in the shop then that's their own fault.

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Really thinking I shouldn't have taken Chinese gamble :(

Well spent day ripping bike apart... Carb is clean and working smoothly nothing blocked and plenty of liquid fuel getting to carb so definitely not vapour lock.

Goes through 3 stages...

Cold - runs perfect

Warm - idles perfectly can't rev without bogging down but if done slowly until about 1500rpm will rev fine very difficult to restart

Hot - won't even idle and impossible to start

Noticed there seems to be a short with HT lead and it's sparking to engine case, not sure if that is cause as it don't seem to mimick running... E.g. Runs fine sparking and when not and likewise stalls sparking or not... That's not to say when not sparking it's not shorting somewhere i can't see spark

The lead seems to be one piece with coil, is this correct? Don't want to pull to hard in case it is and i rip it out by gentle tug and it don't budge

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You can check the HT lead issue by wrapping it in insulating tape. That'll stop the arcing at least.

Don't encourage him :roll:

warranty is there use it

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Why are you taking it apart if it's under warranty? You're asking for trouble. Follow everyone's advice, get it down the shop.

Because taking stuff apart is fun :mrgreen: it's the putting it back together that's the problem :scratch:

But also yeah, via you should go shout at the dealer

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Earliest I could have got it to dealer would be tomorrow (dealer closed Sunday and Monday) and would need to have to take a day off work as leave 4am and don't get in till 8pm. Then rest of the week I'd need to drive costing me £6 a day parking. So rather than just leave it sitting there till i can get it to dealer I'd rather try and fix it.

Anyway the problem is the HT lead, the rubber boot seems to have overheated and subsequently not insulating as good as it should be, i've encased it in insulating tape for now and seems to be holding up so can continue using for this week and book it in to dealer Saturday to get lead replaced.

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