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Is my bike now a write off?


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So last week my bike was stolen. It was recovered by the police and was found to have ignition damage from where it was hotwired. When I've taken it to a mechanic to have it fixed, he's found that they have used some sort of tool to remove the steering lock pin. Whilst doing this, they've taken a chip out of the frame which is tiny. The mechanic said that my insurance company might class this as a write off due to the frame damage. Could a tiny chip (about the size of half a 5p coin) really cause my bike to be a write off?


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Much depends on the age, mileage and value of the bike. It's not uncommon for them to write bikes off for minor damage - I bought a write off which only needed a new ignition barrel. I guess their concern is in case there's other issues which might emerge later. It's cheaper for them to just declare it a write off than take any chances of the frame being damaged or the engine ragged.

The good news is that if they write it off you can always buy it back - fix it and keep it on the road. It will be worth less but you've had that value in cash now as the settlement.

Sometimes you can buy it back before they actually register it as written off. Though the system has changed since I last bought one that way.

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