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Honda cbr help


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Hey everyone this might be quite long so I thank you in advance.

So I currently own a Honda cbr 125, it’s been a massive pain in my ass since I bought this new issue has stumped me. Another problem is I’m not exactly in the mood to take it to a mechanic as I’ve already sunk £1500 on fixing a bike I bought for £2400. I’m also planning on doing my a2 soon so another reason I don’t want to sink more money in.

So the issue, my bike pretends like my battery is dead. Every few weeks the bike will just refuse to work (last few months) without a jump or taking the battery out for a charge in my house. However when I take the battery out and put it on charge it only take around 10 minute for my charger to say it is ready and maintaining. I also don’t think it’s a battery problem as when it refuses to start the battery is still giving it juice as the bike is attempting to turnover but just not being able to. Over Christmas luckily I had the entire family over, two bikers and a ex mechanic. They where both not sure but narrowed it down to either being the spark plugs or alternator(I think it’s called something different on a bike). However to me this still doesn’t sound logical as if it was spark plugs then why does the bike start up perfect after a charge, or why does the battery display ready and maintaining so quickly. Surely if the alternator was either over charging or under charging it wouldn’t work properly.

I know that’s not going to be very easy to understand but if you have any questions please ask.

Thanks guys

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Try this. Next time it refuses to turn over, put it in gear and rock it back and forth so that you can hear the starter motor make a sort of growling noise. Now switch on , select neutral and hit the button. If it starts ok then I can say with some certainty that the problem is dirt and dust inside your starter motor. The remedy is to pull it off , open it up and simply give it a good clean . See the other thread right here also entitled " Hond CBR help "

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What kind of charger are you using? If it always fires up after charging the battery then I'd double check the battery first. Put a multimeter on it to check the voltage, you're looking for above 12.5 at rest. Then put a bulb onto the battery and check it's holding voltage. If the voltage collapses under load that would point to a dud cell.

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