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RE Himalayan...


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Hey Folks.

I was browsing the threads here and I saw mention of someone owning a Himalayan. Interesting looking bike, I was wondering what the build quality was like. Corrosion resistance, reliability etc. I had a look over a Bullet 500 a good while back and it was fairly awful but RE seem to have upped their game in the last few years. I'm not saying I'm going to rush out and buy one but I do sort of like them. Any opinions?

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I recently had a conversation about this very bike. I’m sure they won’t mind me repeating the Himalayan BS3 is not the same as the BS4. They had a rethink to smooth out some problems.

[mention]Speedy23[/mention] who is great on the knowledge and research front was looking into this bike and might be able to offer you some insights.

“Speedy are you out there? Mork calling Orson come in Orson......”




Maybe a guest star appearance? :lol:

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Piggy I've had one since least March. I'm not regretting the purchase at all, 2 quality issues being resolved via warranty clocks misting up and poor paint quality on the pannier rack. The quality on the bike itself has been fine just the aftermarket rack doesn't seem to have the same quality paint. But dealer sorting no quibble.

The engine is great ideal for commuts and longer trips done a weekend to Devon with luggage and wife on the back no issues. It is 24.5 horsepower but torquey. As long as ur in no rush to get anywhere its fine and was just what I was looking for 5.5k miles and v happy.

Feel free to pm me if you need anymore info

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I really love that the official promotional imagery show the bike caked in crud with scuffs and scrapes and all. Makes a change from the usual just off the production line, never seen the sun, pushed 10 yards to the photoshoot set, you usually get on manufacturers websites.

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Oooooh Matron!

Cheers for that, folks. I was kind of hoping they'd get a positive review. I'd read the later model was a great improvement. I'm probably going to be looking for something new later this year so I'm just weighing up my options. I'm a big fan of singles but I'm not sure whether I want something with a bit more grunt. I really dont know what I want. :D

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