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Bike sitting for year and half


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Hi all, hope this is the right forum.

I have a 2011 Honda cbr600f that’s been sitting in my garage for about a year and a half that I want to get back on the road.

What is like to need changing/replacing to get it back on the road?

I’m guessing it will need a new battery and fluids but will it need new tyres or anything else?


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engine oil certainly

Brake fluids recommended

Tyres. Personally I probably would replace them but it really depends on their condition, how worn how old and the state of the rubber. Have they held the pressure or are they flat

Check everything works particularly brakes both stopping power and releasing so the wheels can turn freely ( Calipers not sticking ) and all lights horn etc

Drain any fuel and replace with new

Battery depends try recharging it first and see if it hold the charge and that it will start the engine.

If all good then a short test ride. If you have not ridden for 18 months take it easy you may not be as good as you thought you once were

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Welcome to the forum. A lot really depends on the conditions in your garage . If its reasonably warm and damp free then only the things that have changed since the day you rode it in will need to be addressed. It's got fuel injection, which I know very little about, but at least you won't have gummed up carbs to sort out . Fresh petrol is an absolute must and it might be a good idea to flush out the fuel pump if possible. Unless you have kept it on an Optimate you will need a new battery . Tyre condition and pressure will definitely have to be checked. You would be wise to carefully check the brakes for rusty pistons and stale fluid so the callipers will have to come off and the system bled . Apart from checking the air box for mouse nests, 🐭 that might be all you need to do for now ,but as I said , without knowing the storage conditions and the state of the bikes maintenance schedule when it came off the road , only you can decide what actually needs doing . As an after thought, I would be aware that the clutch might have become dry , so an oil change would not only ensure that the level is correct it would possibly let a bit of oil pour over the clutch basket upon re filling. ( Depending on engine design )

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