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YBR125 electric start problem


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Afternoon all,

Having some electrical issues with my ybr125. Firstly it has been standing around a while, as i have not been living at home. Came to it when i got back and as expected didnt start. Did hill start, ran for about 30 seconds before conking out. Got a battery charged are charged it and now it will power up on ignition (ie dash lights ect working, indicators working. main light not working, but this has always had a bad connection so may just have fully gone). Kick start will start the engine most of the time. However electric start does jack all other than make the solenoid click, then short all power to the bike, and then there is a bubbling/clicking noise coming from somewhere around the tank (not the solenoid). once this clicking noise stops, the power returns to the bike. Any ideas? dont want to rush into buying a new battery if its something else as im skint



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Assuming that this is the fuel injection model then I would agree that this may be a fuel pump or injector issue . The first thing I would do is run some fresh petrol through it . If you get it going , try putting a few miles on it but don't go further from home than you are prepared to push it . Might just be a case of blowing away the cobwebs .

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