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Mod 2 failed test.

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Hi folks, 1st post here! I am looking for a consensus, should I complain about my examiner or not?

Yesterday I failed my mod 2. It was very stormy (gusts of 40 to 50mph), very wet, medium to heavy traffic and fading light. The examiner said at the beginning to my instructor he was in 2 minds whether to cancel. He was quite tetchy before we set off, impatient and misunderstanding a simple question I asked. Less than 2 minutes into the test, and after passing 3 mini rounda bouts successfully, we approached a large roundabout with major roadworks and temporary dividing lanes that spiral out from the centre to an appropriate exit. I was told to take the 3rd exit but found myself in the lane for the 2nd exit as soon as we joined. Immediately the examiner started shouting, 3 or 4 times 'turn right'. So I crossed over into the lane on my right. He shouted again, clearly very annoyed can you hear me? We continued for the obligatory 30 mins or so. Back at the test centre he said I had failed for crossing the lanes on the roundabout without indicating or a lifesaver. I'm pretty sure about the signal, but cannot confirm the lifesaver, given the conditions and him shouting at me did under 've me a little. There were 4 minors but he did not not provide a debrief. Just walked out. Do I raise a complaint or do I take it on the chin? I feel really hard done by, that I failed because the examiner did not let me continue on ahead. This examiner has previous. He has a terrible reputation, an even worse pass rate and has no concept of 'benefit of the doubt'. I provided plenty of evidence throughout the remaining test that I had no problems with observation, etc. Problem is, he is the only examiner at our test centre, which is a long way from anywhere else. Thanks.

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I think you've answered your own question. If he's the only examiner at your test centre you are going to have to face him again unless you are willing to go elsewhere to be examined. If you make a formal complaint against him how do you think he'll react the next time he examines you? IMO you either suck it up or get tested elsewhere - if you can.

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Suck it up and do it again, you can make mistakes on directions as long as you do it safely, don't get much safer than life saver, sometimes things just don't work out, forget it and move on.

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