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  1. After 2 years of utterly crap service from Scottish Power my wife has changed us to British Gas. At least they aren't likely to go bust and the deal they offered is apparently OK. I've no idea as I don't have sweet FA to do with domestic issues.
  2. When did any bureaucracy ever have the faintest idea of what was going on in its supposed area of responsibility? Well done the school... not.
  3. Got home from IoW with about 2/3 tank remaining. Challenge will be retrieving bike this week from near London. That might be difficult!
  4. Definitely won't work for us as with a 30 litre tank even from empty its not going to make 50 quid.
  5. Actually it's Wind Assisted f**king Idiot to be precise.
  6. Isle of Wight seems okay. Filled the car at Sainsbury and minimal queue.
  7. Bristol has 20 mph limit throughout large parts of the city. Whiteladies Road runs from Clifton Down and then as Park Lane on to the harbour side. Cars, buses etc are limited to 20 mph, cycles are not. Hence large numbers of loons whizzing down the hill with wild abandon weaving in and out of the traffic. I too have succumbed to this perverse pleasure. Now made worse by powered scooters and on one memorable occasion a mob of skateboarders.
  8. I think the old town which is pedestrian only isn't bad at all. Had a decent meal and good booze thereafter. Loads of money around of the "yottie" variety which in my boat owning days I used to avoid like the plaque. Probably the WAFI brigade who get in the way of proper ships going about their business.
  9. So if you were keeping up with the cars why the f@@@ did they not pull one of them or were they just picking on you cos you were a cyclist? Mind you having been driving round a cyclist infested IoW I'd pick on the bloody cyclists too!
  10. I think the collective IQ of the British population is about that of a senile frog. The media hypes a minor issue and then the population goes collectively insane. We went bonkers over covid, now fuel. Can't wait to see what the next one will be.
  11. Both my grandsons have now tested positive- 10 and 9 years old but full of beans.
  12. Standard Korean ship yard fittings so quite probably a copy of what your nan had!
  13. Sadly I spend most of my time driving a desk as per attached. When I do get exposed to the sun I go red then my skin drops off like a snake and I end up pale again.
  14. Down on the South Coast it really is nice. Got sunburnt again.
  15. Panic buying, be it bog roll or petrol creates a problem that doesn't actually exist.
  16. Just delaying the evil hour when we embark on whatever physically challenging "fun" my wife has plotted for today. Still haven't recovered from yesterday ffs.
  17. There was me thinking it was my bloody phone having just done an "update". Wasted an hour of my life faffing about with the sodding thing.
  18. In the southern USA every drink used to be served with masses of ice. If you asked for a "sipping" whiskey without ice you usually got a massive measure as the staff were used to filling the glass with ice in it. Used to be a good way to get rat-arsed relatively cheaply.
  19. 70's were alright for me but nothing particularly good or bad. 80's were way better though.
  20. Nice but to us true cider snobs Bulmers and Magners just aren't the real thing. Apples have to be processed by some rustic yokel in wellies driving an antique tractor with wasps and all sorts in the mash. None of this high tech, stainless steel gadgetry I'll have you know.
  21. Certainly not! Rather nice AirBnB that my wife arranged. I'm just baggage on the trip.
  22. Now basking in Lyne Regis. Went via a really traditional cider mill - if you like cider but are squeamish about health and safety never ever visit a cider mill when they are processing the crop!. I'm not and have a fridge full of good swag plus some Somerset Cider Brandy.
  23. There's been very little of it on our ships at least. Out of 70 odd ships we've had 2 which have ended up quarantined and of 44 men involved only 1 required hospitalisation and he survived. Other than cruise vessels which have crews of hundreds plus passengers so if it gets on-board the virus has lots of potential easily infected hosts most ships have much smaller crews. Our standard crew is 22 and we spend weeks at sea. When we are in port we maybe get exposed to at the most 6 people who are all pcr tested before being allowed on and then kept at arms length and isolated from us as much as possible.
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