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Challenge 2022 - Map and Pictures ONLY


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So @mike_smith and @oldgrump got pretty much all the tags last year. Top job guys. Will they retain their joint crown this year?


Remind me what I need to do…..

1. Go to this thread and grab yourself a unique number: 

2. Check the map here to find out where you need to go (hopefully one of these at least works for you)




3. Take a picture of you or your bike outside the location with your number in sight

4. Post that picture in this thread

5. Update your point total (found in your profile). @rennie will shout at you repeatedly if you do not do this. 

6. Have fun!


General tags. As before there are FIFTEEN tags per mainland UK region PLUS bonus rounds in the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland (seriously if anyone gets any of these they get special Hoggs bonus points)


Also because I just found they were a thing and they are SUPER cool we have replaced the Husoi bonus (sorry not sorry) with the AA Sentry Box bonus round. There are some in North Scotland so in theory he could still go get some… There are 18 (well, there are 19 but I couldn’t find one of them) and if you get them all you can have an extra 50 points.


This year it's 10 points per tag as usual with the 50 point bonus for completed regions/bonus rounds. There will be a spreadsheet of doom again that I use to keep track (badly) of the scores. As always you can challenge my counting and I will probably make sarcastic comments before going and doing it properly  


So as the regular players will know we have a bonus round, why I keep insisting on giving myself more work is a mystery to everyone but there we go. This is year we are doing 10 Red Phone boxes (more phone boxes.. well yes because I was going to do this first and was looking up maps of them to make sure there were as many as I thought and then I stumbled across the AA Sentry boxes and I thought well we will do them both). Why Hoggs, I hear you ask, how will you know if they are all different? Well imaginary question asker, by this point I know for a fact that everyone that plays does it properly and I trust everyone to go find 10 different ones because that is the fun of it.

When posting these it would be helpful if you label them phone box 1, phone box 2 just so I can make sure I am keeping up score wise


Pub Round – Again… we have done ALL the pub names in the whole wide world so this year we’re just doing a theme. Colourful pubs! Now you will all know at this point that I am AMAZINGLY flexible with these (especially for our taggers south of the boarder).

You will need to find a pub that has the ACTUAL colour OR something that is generally considered to be that colour (for example you might find The Panthers Pub & Grill and as Panthers are black it will be allowed). If people HATE this concept then tough you will have to put up for it this year but let me know and I will just scrap this round for next year because we have done ALL THE PUBS. If you LOVE this concept then let me know as I have other collective theme ideas. - of course let me know in the discussion thread NOT HERE! 


1.       Red

2.       Orange

3.       Yellow/gold

4.       Green

5.       Blue

6.       Pink/purple – This one I am encouraging you all to come up with some great alternatives if you can’t find the colour!!

7.       Black

8.       White

9.       Grey/silver

10.   Brown


Hoggs bonus points (not redeemable for tag points) are available for my favourite most tenuous pub colour connection!



As always this thread is for PICTURES ONLY. If you want to tell me how awesome I am then you can do so here 


Will Hoggfather get the first tag of the year again? He was saying to me the other day he might not but he is insanely competitive so I wouldn’t rule it out….. GO GO GO!!!


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Red Telephone box #2

Red Telephone box #3

Red Telephone box #4

Red Telephone box #5

Red Telephone box #6


Red Telephone Box #2 - Bourton.JPG

Red Telephone Box #3 - Frankton .JPG

Red Telephone Box #4 - Stretton.JPG

Red Telephone Box #5 - Gaydon.JPG

Red Telephone Box #6 - Harbury.JPG

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Oak & BLACK Dog

The BLUE Lias

The WHITE Hart

And my effort for the Yellow/Gold category - The CROWN as most of them are Gold/Gold Coloured 🤞



Pub - Black - Oak and Black Dog.JPG

Pubs - The Blue Lias.JPG

Pubs - The White Hart.JPG

Pubs - Yellow_Gold - The Crown.JPG

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Telephone box 1

Telephone box 2

Telephone box 3

Telephone box 4

Telephone box 5






Edited by JRH
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West Midlands #2 - KOTI Autotalli, closed so no cake😒

West Midlands #3 - Hidecote Manor, Cafe closed so no cake😒



West Mids 02 - KOTI Autotalli.JPG

West Mids 03 - Hidcote Manor.JPG

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KOTI Autotalli

NT Hidcote 

no coffee  or cakes as CB999 said




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Telephone box 6

Telephone box 7

Telephone box 8

Telephone box 9





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East Midlands #1 - Hollowell Sailing Club

East Midlands #2 - Shearsby Valley Lakes



East Mids 01 - Hollowell Sailing Club.JPG

East Mids 02 - Shearsby Valley Lakes Cafe.JPG

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Edgehill Country park. West Mid #3



Edited by JRH
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The Louden Tavern, which is an orange pub. That makes sense to those from Scotland and NI, but may puzzle the rest of the country. But, I can assure you, you cannot get a pub that is more orange than the Louden.




The Crown, which is a black AND white pub. That makes sense to everyone from Paisley, as it is where St Mirren fans gather prior to a home game.




The Silver Tassie, my submission for a silver pub, because it has the word silver on it.




The Heritage, my submission for a brown pub, because it is an utter shite hole.




That is 50 points to me.

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Few more yesterday. 

BLACK dog pub.

Telephone Box #3.

RED lion pub.

South West England, Pamphill Dairy shop.

And 2 for 1?

Telephone Box #4, GREEN Man pub.






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