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Exhaust/heat wraps

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The pipes will be normally hot when the engine is running.

It will hardly get wet unless the bike is left out in the rain.

The heat will prevent the wraps to get soaking wet, if wet at all.

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If you leave the bike outside in the weather, leave it over winter, the exhaust is steel with some pitting or other damage yes it can.

it will be easier and look much neater if you take the system off to do the wrap.

The wraps will degrade, if they are good quality they will last a good few years before needing replacement. 

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Aftermarket pipes are likely to be stainless steel. Unless the person who did this was a complete muppet. Wraps serve no purpose except to disguise damage. But there are people who for reasons I can’t fathom think they look cool. Personally I would take them off and get busy cleaning the pipes, you will soon know if they are stainless steel or not. If they are in a rubbish state (because they were cheap mild steel with bad chrome) replace them. Not difficult. Not particularly expensive.

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