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Marushin Helmets

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I love the look of the x-moto helmets, but I am unsure of their safety rating / build quality. SHARP have not tested them yet either!


Yeah, the fact that they are cheap is what makes me unsure of their safety. not found much info on the web about them either

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i tried the carbon one on and i was impressed by the fit :)

they are supposed to be pretty good lids too

remember all helmets have to pass the minimum safety tests before they can go on the shelf :)

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I need a new MX lids after todays shenannigans, (went over the bars and cushioned my fall by landing on me head!) I'm liking the look of a couple of these so may invest on payday! :)

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bit battered, ribs are stinging a tad and it hurts to laugh! LOL my head is banging so I'll see how I get on chilling out this eve and pop into the sickbay in the mornin if its still ringing the bells! :)

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well, tried a couple of marushin helmets on today, sadly they pressed against my forehead :-(

I had a good look at them, they seem well made for a budget lid and comfy (if my head was the right shape) and very very yummy graphics!

Bought a HJC rg-15 instead.

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