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To buy or not to buy?

<t>Should I buy a new one?</t>  

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  1. 1. Should I buy a new one?

    • I would if it was me
    • If your unsure itsprobably best to
    • Its up to you
    • Looks OK to me

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I was reading through the thread about the £500 lid and it got me thinking.

I had an incident a while ago now where I ended up in some blackberry bushes due to a taxi driver paying more attention (imo) to the young lady he had just picked up. I ended up pinned to the kirb by my ankle, which Im still not sure if it was cracked or chipped as I didnt get it checked out. To his credit the idot that caused my spill helped to remove the bike quickl followed by me throw profanities at him. Not helpful but justified in the circumstances. I didnt bang my head against anything that I was aware, wasn't knocked unconcious, just the unusual sensation of being rapidly slowed down by the brambles coupled with a slow motion view of them flying past the visor. Thanks to my attire no blood was spilt, though I was tempted to spill some of the taxi drivers :evil: not that Im a violent type person or condone such actions :D

Anyway, I digress..............

Reading said tread I began to wonder if I should seriously think about replacing my lid.

Up until now I have not had any issues with continuing to use it.

http://s715.photobucket.com/albums/ww15 ... %20Damage/

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Did your head hit the floor or did you just land in the bush? If you just landed in the bush then I reckon youd be fine but if your head had any contact with something solid, replace it.


Didn't hit anything

Just kinda glided in slow motion through the brambles to a stop

Lots of scratching noises of the thorns on the outersurface and the visor

Its the gouge that Im not too sure about and wondered about it, given that the helmet is thermoplastic.

Its only two year old Horness

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Probably bes to change it if there's a gouge in it. The bit that protects you is the polystyrene inside that compresses when the helmet hits something and absorbs some of the shock and the distributes it around the rest of the helmet. If there is a gouge in it, then change it.

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My rule is, if you are questioning it, then replace it.....

Better safe than sorry mate..... And!!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm New helmet smell....



GOOD POINT!! :thumb:

Not much funds at the mo waht with budapest and everything

So I'll be taking a wander down to Lidl to check their lids out

Funny how when I was reading it the words automatically came into my head in the voice of Homer :?

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Bloody lucky those brambles were there by the sounds of it.


I drive/ride past the spot regular

You can still see the scratch marks on the kerb

I took a good long look and imagined where my head would likely be in relation to the scratching

Looks like I only just missed a telegraph pole :shock:

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Thanks for the input guys

I guess my doubts have kinda answered the question anyway justwanted to know what you lot thought.

Going to buy a new Lidl

Just so I get back on the road quickly without worrrying


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