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  1. The plan is when we do go away we will be using the panniers so it wont be often. I also carry quite a bit of gym gear around from time to time and shop from day to day. They are well away from any paint work too as they are on the pannier racks. Yes i could have got a bike probably more suited for the job but this one felt a good fit and was convenient to buy along with Andys Tracer from the same place. We got quite a bit knocked off for buying 2 bikes. I did sit on the nc750x but found it too tall, having said that once i get used to this one id probably be fine with a taller bike.
  2. Put the facebook marketplace bargain Frank Thomas panniers on Ripley £35 squids...mint with waterproof covers. Just need the straps a tad longer though as they sit too high atm.
  3. Oh dear. No im happpy with my vet just a thought someone on here might be a vet. Sorry to hear about your cat though. Im at chris masons near sainsburys at bamber bridge. I think the old fellow is getting close.
  4. Yeah im not falling for that
  5. Yes i will keep him just didnt want to bother him with just a question.
  6. All this fingernail talk put me off my risotto at lunch... i found a hard bit snd immediately had it down as a piece of human so gagged and threw all of it away
  7. just a general question. My vet is great but is a one man band and always snowed under. Just thought id try on here.
  8. Do we have any vets on the forum ??
  9. Tbf it worked fine but needs to be higher....back on the accessory bar it is then.
  10. Put a phone mount on it. Andy made me an accessory bar for it but its actually better on the handlebars. Dont know what make it is but its a bit shit in that you have to squeeze it together around the phone then tighten it. Thats fine if you have the grip of a freak but ive knackered both my thumbs from years of abuse. Ive a good dose of arthritis in both thumb joints. I used to be a self employed pond and aquarium cleaner so my hands were always in water. I had to stop as the pain became so bad i could hardly drive my beloved Golf with its fat tyres and no steering assistance i loved that c
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