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  1. I bought a Shoei back in February and didn't look like that when it came out of the box. I didn't buy it on the interweb though. That is one item that can vary so much in size and fit that it has to be a shop bought one for me. It's probably a new one but it looks as thought it's been tried on by someone, sent back to the shop and repackaged for posting out again to another punter.
  2. Suzuki's first prototype submarine, 1950: model; the wetasfukistrom; Piloted by Hedeki Tojo's cousin 'Kevin' ? I feel slightly confident with this one [mention]XTreme[/mention]
  3. Just looking at the original post here......and when you consider the OP hasn't been on for some years it does raise some alarm bells. After all, the top of someone's head is no substitute for a Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift.
  4. Is this a Quiz [mention]dynax[/mention] ? [mention]XTreme[/mention] Swansea, early 1940's with girlfriend who dumped him in later years?
  5. Early 60's Matchless? Not a clue about model.
  6. Slight under exposure due to excessive light reflection from snow. Apart from that fine.
  7. win win we have been offered a voucher so far for everything which I am happy with as I still want to go to Germany Just don't mention the war.
  8. Don McCullin one of the true greats of photography. There was a recent documentary about him a few months ago on BBC4. Well worth watching if it comes around again.
  9. Better than having someone behind you snapping on some rubber gloves Happy birthday boyo.
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