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  1. I have been that person not wearing full gear when doing deliveries on my scooter, you know it's not wise but the alternative appears to be heatstroke However the times I've come off I've been very grateful to be wearing full gear!
  2. I'm not disputing this, just curious - why? If the tech exists for car engines to adapt to different RON ratings, could it not be used in motorcycle engines?
  3. Yes but what are the sales figures like I guess I'm thinking a substantial proportion of bikers just won't want to swap, it's kind of anathema to the whole image, the quiet whine of an electric motor instead of a throbbing v-twin etc.
  4. You'd hope bike manufacturers are spending this time wisely and investing in improving battery technology. Still can you imagine all-electric Harleys? Ducatis? Can't help but feel it really is the beginning of the end, all we'll have left will be electric scooters
  5. It sounded vaguely plausible but I always assumed they just don't have many bike vans, given we make up about 1% of road users it wouldn't be economical when you can strap a bike to a car truck easily enough.
  6. I had to call green flag not long ago, the guy that turned up with a regular car truck and was griping about how they never send out proper bike vans.. apparently the management like to keep those for themselves to cart their own bikes about to track days
  7. ..seller has suggested using OFX.com as we are unable to meet in person to make the sale or view the bike. That there is enough info to tell you it's a scam.
  8. (Very late) Happy Birthday @Bender! hope you had a good one
  9. Happy Birthday @Stu! Hope you had a good one
  10. Nice Bike @Stu, congrats!
  11. Hard to say at the moment as I'm still running it in, but yes it doesn't have the top end power of a supersports. I'm hoping the extra grunt low/mid range will be satisfying enough for road riding
  12. Can't deny triples are great, how are you finding your beast now you've had it a bit longer?
  13. I chopped in my old gsxr 600 for a new Yamaha Tracer 700, rode up to Chorley on the suzuki and back on the tracer, 440 miles all in! First impressions are good, plenty of torque, although it's going to take a while to get used to a twin after an inline four. Looking forward to putting some more miles on it this summer
  14. He is saying that the guidance in the owner's manual is wrong, generally. Although that would appear to make no sense on the face of it.
  15. Good question! He has pictures of pistons taken from bikes run in gently and ones run in hard, apparently the former show greater signs of wear from gas escaping past the piston rings.
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