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  1. Slight curveball but dslr is dying and mirrorless is taking over. You could pick up a Sony nex 5 or 6 in budget or if you can stretch it a little then a Sony a6000 is achievable. These lenses will be compatible with newer body’s should you wish to upgrade down the line.
  2. It wouldn’t be @Snod Blatter, he’s far too tight to spend his money on something for someone else.
  3. Cheers mate, they are givi ones. I absolutely love the bike it suits my needs perfectly.
  4. I should have gone to Ireland this week but due to personal circumstances I couldn't go but I managed to get 4 nights in Wales. Friday was spent near Havorford West with @Gerontious, @smallfrowne and @Snod Blatter. A great little place with a pub a couple of minutes away. The lads went onto the ferry the next day and I continued up to Aberystwyth, it's not that far so I didn't go the direct route. Quick stop for a photo just outside Tenby. Then through the Pembrokeshire National Park The next day I fancied a bit of a shorter riding day so I did about 3 hours around the Elan Valley. We go there quite a bit with my classic mini so it was great to be there on the bike. This was on top of the dam that Richard Hammond got winched up in a Land Rover many years ago. The next day was to be my last day so I'd got a 200 mile route planned from the fantastic Bikers Britain by Simon Weir. I chose the machynlleth loop which turned out to be absolutely amazing. Some of the best roads I've ever been on and pretty much deserted. The roads were so good that I didn't really stop for photos but a couple of the best roads were B4391 and A487 but the whole thing was amazing. It's worth buying the book just for that. Back to the hotel and I put the bike in the onsite garage. A massive bonus that I didn't know about when booking. I'd highly recomend it and there was a couple of bikers there every night. https://www.richmondhotel.wales/ Being from Leicester being able to see the sea is a rare treat, the sunset was amazing to watch The return leg was another conveluted route through the brecon beacons, stopping to see the memorial and cemertery at Aberfan, a very moving place. I'm gutted to not have gone to Ireland with the lads but I still had an amazing few days away.
  5. This one confused me a bit when I was in Wales
  6. I've done it and it's not pompous and we're better than you attitude. It's about making the best use of the road to make progress withing the limits of the law. I got a lot out of it and am planning on doing the car course. It cost me about £200 which for about 20 hours of one to one tuition is extremely good value to me. Another bonus of being in the iam is the discounts that they have set up with quite a few different places. I saved a good few thousand off my GS.
  7. Bungleaio


    I use it a lot
  8. Not bike specific but I've learnt that its very useful to get the details of any witness' to an accident that you are involved in as the other party may well lie about what happened. If you don't ride like the road is a a racetrack then fitting a dashcam may be an idea. I've fitted an Innov K2 to my bike which records both front and back.
  9. At 17 yeah no point in DAS but I'd still recommend further training.
  10. Get further training, CBT is the absolute bare minumim of instruction and doesn't teach you a lot. Do DAS asap.
  11. I'll have a think but it's unlikley I'll be there. My girlfriend and I may well be doing a road trip of norway which will eat most of my annual leave.
  12. Luckily it wasn't that bad for me but I remember sitting in the passenger seat of my mates car feeling quite odd whilst cyclists were riding up the mountain. The feeling of the thicker air when we desended was amazing, it was like breathing in soup
  13. It should do but charging up and down mountains in a car a few years ago wasn't fun, I'd go dizzy at the top and feel terrible. I had to leave my mate on his own to complete the rest of the tour and get the train back. The face on the lady in the ticket office in a random station in the south of france when I said un à Londres s'il vous plaît was a picture. 12 hours later I walked through my front door though, the trains in France are incredible. Oddly I was completely fine going over the pyranees but I don't want to risk it on the bike.
  14. Sadly I get altitude sickness and can’t handle it. See you in 2023!
  15. Glad everyone is ok but I'm not suprised there are issues. fingers crossed they can get everything sorted without too much drama.
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