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Well, i failed :(

Guest CobbZ

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Mod 1 - First attempt, for the second time! - 24/11/2009

Well, put simply, i failed :(

But really, its that i failed my machine, and my machine failed me.

Started off, rode bike into test area, manual handling was fine, slalom was fine, figure 8 was fine... Then for the high speed avoidence. Didn't get up to speed. He just said, try again later. The U-turn was perfect, had loads of room, didnt wobble lol. Then for the emergency stop. Went fine! But i didn't get up to speed.

So i tried the high speed avoidance again.

Still didn't get up to speed.

For fucks sake, lol.

Anyway, i got four minors, two for the slow ride observations, two for emergency stop observations (i dont think i check when i set off, and i didnt check when i stopped and set off again :/). I was thinking about not getting up to speed, frustrating.

My examiner said my chain was too slack, and the tyre pressures looked low, and those will play a big part in getting up to speed.

So, its a case of me failing my bike by not checking and fixing those, and the bike failing me back by not going fast enough lol...

I was doing 49 on one, and 48k on the other.

Its frustrating for me because i've done everything else, first time. Driving theory, driving practical, CBT, biking theory...

I really wanted to get it all perfect.

:( Look after your bikes guys! lol.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the good luck messages, i've had some PMs and people adding it on their posts in threads :D I've felt very welcome by the community, you're a great bunch :D

Makes me not feel so bad about the fail...

Now to go and pump up my tyres and try and sort out my chain!

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Bad luck Cobbz,

note to all, make sure both YOU and YOUR BIKE are fit for the test, plenty of fuel, the usual checks the night before and a good nights sleep, also arrive in good time, arriving late will put undue pressure on you and will take your mind off your game.

at least you know where you went wrong, and can work on it for next time.

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Sorry to hear you failed :( but a lesson learnt eh,thanks for sharing your experience i'm sure others in the same situation will be out there right now checking there bikes over :wink:

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My examiner looked at my loaner's tyres and said the school I was with often left them soft because the U-turn was easier!

When I was doing my ambo driving course the skid pan was awkward because the natural instinct is to avoid the skid, not to correct it afterwards. Perhaps you are over-compensating and taking action to reduce the speed and complete the manoeuvre safely.

Strange paradox.

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para, i think you're quite right there :/ My bike can't really lean all that well, being that it doesn't have very round tires. I might have been being too careful :/

I can't believe i was so close tho lol, 1mph more and i'd be sat here with a mod1 certificate :/

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