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been looking at battery chargers etc as far as i have read so far the most popular make is optimate but there are so many of them ! i have a cbf125 at the moment if that makes any difference to what one i should buy. is the cheaper one more appropriate ?

help would be muchly appreciated !

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Just make sure you don't leave it pluged in all winter or it will fry your battery (i did 2 )

Plug it in for 2 days every 2 weeks


mine is plugged in and turned on all the time

a mate of mine has his plugged in all the time too and never and i mean never uses his bike he covered 12 miles last year :roll: his battery has been fine for the 3 years its been plugged in :?

could you have a dud charger mate ?

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My bikes are plugged in all of the time have been for years. Just make sure now and again to check the water levels if its a wet battery, gel batterys should not be a problem.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok I am blaming this thread.

Had only used the Optimate once in 4 years, and never on this bike.

Took it out the garage yesterday, and well, whaddya know ? Deid ! :crybaby:

So, Revs gets some kit on (easy fellas, I mean helmet, jacket and gloves) and then has me pushing the bike up the street :lol: but to no avail.

So, on went the Optimate :roll: .

A couple of hours later and Scarlett sparked up no problem.

I hate this thread.

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