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Just wanted to say, been here for a few days, and it's the most down to earth, friendliest forum I have ever been a member of, and I have been a member on a few!

Seriously guys, keep up the good work, some of the forums I have been on for other hobbies, have just been full of back biting and taking the pee pee, but then as we know, Bikers tend to be a friendly bunch!

Matt :love:

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Yeah.....it's certainly the friendliest and most chilled forum I've come across too....... 8-)

Inevitably you get the odd bit of friction now and then.... but we're all adults, so we deal with it.....and the Mods and Stu & Vicki make sure it don't get out of hand......so thumbs up to all those guys...... :salute: Except Roy and Techno....who think that my bike is just a machine..... :up: :lol: :lol:

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Must agree, being an oldie member, I`ve never had cause to fault this forum or move to any other. Great bunch of people and we have a great laugh when we all meet up.

As said on many previous occations well done Stu and Vicki for setting it up and to all the mods, past and present.

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Sod off the lot of you.... bahhh humbug...... :up:

Oh its stopped raining...

Hello everyone, yey what a happy bunch we are! :D :angel12:

On a serious note, this forum has the perfect balence of treating its members like adults with out turning into a place full of abuse.

Top work team! :angel12:

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