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How to change a clutch


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Just thought I would do a little write up on how to change a clutch :)

first things first is to read your manual and order the correct parts!

then read your manual again to make sure you know what your doing (I didnt have to as my clutch as been in and out more time then a tranny!)

Once you receive your new clutch friction plates you need to soak them in new oil the same grade as what is in the bike for a few hours before fitting

2013-01-24 10.31.54.jpg


Next locate your clutch cover on your bike undo the bolts (marked red) securing the clutch cover have a catch tray underneath to catch any oil that maybe in there, Mines not too bad I can do it on the side stand and not loose any oil for this occasion it was on a centre stand as I have drained the oil for a change, As you remove the cover watch out for the oil seal around the edge

2013-01-24 10.32.14.jpg


Once you remove the clutch cover you will see the clutch pressure plate with the five securing bolts (marked red) some bikes have more some have less they will be holding springs which in turn hold the pressure plate these springs are what apply pressure to the clutch plates and when you pull your clutch this plate is pushed out releasing the pressure, Undo the bolts a bit at a time to keep and even pressure

2013-01-24 10.53.26.jpg


once the bolts are out remove the springs

2013-01-24 10.56.01.jpg


followed by the pressure plate

2013-01-24 10.56.46.jpg


once you have removed the pressure plate turn it over and check the back for a bearing of some sort mine is a needle roller bearing remove this and keep it safe don't get dirt/grit on it!

2013-01-24 10.57.10.jpg


Then remove all the plates remembering to keep them in order lay them however you like just remember which way they came out some bikes it doesn't matter but some have a different size steel plates and in certain order

2013-01-24 10.57.54.jpg


Next get all your parts together and close by I left the friction plates in the oil with them in order they was to come out and put the tub under the bike so not to drip oil everywhere

2013-01-24 10.59.11.jpg


Before you go ahead and fit them double check your manual as you can see by the pic I have one friction plate smaller then the others which goes in first followed by a steel plate then all the rest of the friction plates are the same but steel plates 4 and 5 (number 4 in the pic) are thicker then the rest

2013-01-24 11.00.47.jpg


fit the clutch plates in the order required then before you put your pressure plate on fit the needle roller bearing in my case on to the centre push rod this will stop it falling off the back of the pressure plate *note on mine you may see the outer most plate the tab is offset to the rest

for those that are interested in this pic you can see the welded clutch cam set at the back where the 5 posts screw in to this acts as a slipper clutch on mine but doesnt work too well it works better welded solid 8-)

2013-01-24 11.09.42.jpg


Sorry no more pics after this I was too oily :lol:

Next fit the pressure plate followed by the springs then the bolts doing the bolts hand tight then tighten them a little at a time to keep even pressure then fit your clutch cover making sure you replace the seal if you need to and tighten and thats it job done

Next take for a test ride

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Nice one Stu...... 8-)

As you say....check the manual first as some of the finer details will alter from bike to bike. My Sprint ST had to have the Starter Sprag clutch and it's housing removed before the Clutch cover could be removed....and it needed gaskets for both the covers instead of having an oil seal.....but essentially the procedure was the same..... 8-)

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Sounds worse than it was to be fair Stu.....3 screws for the Sprag Clutch cover...then withdraw the sprag clutch and starter gear....then 4 or 5 screws holding the Sprag clutch housing on......but it is all extra work when changing the clutch plates..... :roll:

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Good write up!

Overhauling a clutch is often considered to be the devils work by many and they get a garage to do it for them.

About time someone started showing how its done and how with a good method its a very doable job :thumb:

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