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Any ideas on how to adjust my handlebars?


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Ok folks another question for all you good folks here.

How do I adjust the handlebars on my GSX 600 F ? they are sitting pretty low when compared to my friends GSXF and the rides a little soft too!

I've ordered a Haynes manual but it will be a while before it arrives!

Here's a pic of the bars...


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I highly recommend you do not lower the front end,


he wants to raise it :wink:

in the centre of the fork you have something sticking up out the middle of the for this should be a preload adjuster

you can adjust this to make the forks harder and they wont sag as much when you sit on the bike

you have to go careful with suspension though as its so easy to mess it up and make it worse

you cant raise the front end any way as the forks are as far through the yokes as the will allow

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yeah thats the ones

you would wind them in they should have lines on them so you can see how far in they are

not sure what standard settings are but write down what they are now first

but if your suspension feels fine then don't mess with them if its too soft on the front then winding them in a little may help

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Guys you are a god send!

If its a car I have no probs but I have never worked on my bike yet!

It wont be long before I catch up and dish out some advice for others hopefully!

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