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Lincoln event next year..


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Hi All

I am going to try and organise a camping event on a site near me next year.

The site has a good field, cafe on site that serves reasonable food at reasonable prices all day and a couple of pubs within 1/4 or 1/2 mile.

With the right timing we could have ride outs to the coast or other interesting venues andf events in the area.

Could I just have a straw poll of those that might be interested as I am asking for a price.



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it will depend massivelyu on the proposed dates though. can you offer some proposed dates?


It would depend on two things....what people wanted to do and when the venue is actually available...What I mean by the first is that we have some interesting things go on round here...Like the Lincoln Aviation Museum Bike meet which is usually in August. I published the photo's from this year...Our coast is always a nice ride to weather permitting...

I would suggest July/August as a starting point....possibly bank holiday?...

Let me know what people think...

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Just need to malke it clear this will not be the official TMBF rally....maybe we can call this the Lincoln Rally?

Also just been advised that we cant associate it with the TMBF for legal reasons...

Anyway if anyone does fancy a meet at a venue near me sometime in August just keep adding your names to the list.

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ok here are some pics of the campsite I am proposing:




this is the onsite cafe prices http://www.whisbygardencentre.co.uk/uploads/7/5/2/8/7528363/6097057_orig.jpg

And this is the site pictures http://www.whisbygardencentre.co.uk/gallery.html

We couldhave a ride out to here http://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/ £7 to get in and worth it IMO

If you wanted cheap we could go to the coast for free, well the cost of petrol anyway...lol

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Ok brilliant here is the list so far....



Rebel Rach









Chriss b6


Im currently pricing up Toilets etc....will firm up dates soon...There is a Bank holiday in August what about trying that? This would be the 23rd. 24th and 25th August?

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can you add owen please Derek.

not sure about the bank holiday, usually do gareth and TCs weekend , might be worth seeing if they have anything in the pipeline, or if gareth wants to come do this one ( has a lovely big hanging out tent and likes to cook :D )

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I'm willing toi listen to anybody over the dates....Stu doesn't want it in june as it would clash with the annual rally and I readily agree with that........somone else has said that it might clash with TC's in August...

so should we go for July?....would this then be too many, one after the other?...could people afford it?

Let me know...

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