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Kymco Zing turned Bobber :D

Guest petrolhead1989

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Hey guys

Well been planning to make some drastic modifications to this bike of mine, ever since i even bought it off loumoo :D

And with the amount of money i seam to be sinking into keeping it on the road. i thought id may aswell throw some more cash at it :D

But remember, rome wasnt built in a day.. My big modifications wont be happening to after xmas, when money is back to normal..

So to kick it off..

Clutch plates and head gasket failed on my bike the other day.

So i ordered some clutch plates, springs and head gasket and set to work.

I managed to squeeze my bike into our tiny front porch, so that i could work on it in the warm :D


(excuse the mess on the floor underneith.. Kicked over the oil that i drained from the engine :lol:

Finally got the engine out this morning.. OMG what a pain, because for a 125cc, the size of the engine crank casing is fairly large. (it often tricks people into thinking its a 250+cc :D

with the large engine and such a confined space in the frame. WHAT A PAIN.


Exhaust also shown as this is not staying chrome, and nor is it staying like that... Not sure how i want it just yet, but when the money picks up, it will all be shown


This is one of two exhaust's.. this is my de-baffled one, and i have a baffled one for MOT's. :D

Just a quick pic of the clutch housing before the worn out plates got binned and fresh ones installed :D


This afternoon the weather picked up quite nicely. so i decided to take it back outside, enjoy the warmish weather, and im not in a confined space.

After about an hour of moving spanners. Wasnt much left of her


She is now completely stripped to bare nut and bolt :D

Forks are at my friends being powder coated, and my frame is ready for me to hurry up and afford to buy a hardtailing kit :D

Then that too will also be sent to my friends for powder coating :D All free of charge of course :D

Nothing special here, just a new sprocket i recieved, and was about to fit..



All fitted :D

in a few hours, i have done quite alot..

Bike stripped to bare frame, electrics all out etc. ready for chop and weld :D

i had some fun todad... I also painted the engine is Matt black VHT paint..

I currently have that in the shed under a heater for the night, to cure the paint..

VHT scratches off very easily if it isnt cured to its operating temperature

cheers for looking guys and girl


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Cheers guys for your comments..

I will be in need of someone to TIG weld the hardtail kit solid once ive recieved it and its all tacked in place.. If you know anyone who can help?

As i dont know how much my nearest fabrication place will cost me..

The more money i can save here and there, the more i can buy for the bike..


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Watching what you are doing :wink:

Some top tips, looks like you are getting a lot done but it's all over the show. So some project management tips :mrgreen:

Work on one section at a time, like if you have the whole bike to do, start with the front end, do what you want, and then move to dropping the engine out, obviously if you are doing anything with the frame break it into 3 big pieces, front, middle and back.

So in my mind, the biggest mod comes when the hard tail kit gets fitted, I would do the front on one day, put it back together and then do the engine. So if you can, get it into a rolling chassis. Watching the bike materialise step by step I find is the most sure fire way to finish one of these projects :thumb:

Just keeps the project streamlined and your goals stay realistic and in sight. :cheers:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Apologies for the very slow project..

With engine problems i have been having and a house to run, i have been struggling with cash lately..

so i got a small loan, just to cover my bike costs :D

Most parts for this project are currently on order, and should be recieving parts as of tomorrow :D

But a quick show of what i picked up for nothing off a friend..

Rough looking steel rear fender.. and happens to be the exact width i need for my rear wheel..

Looks worse than it is, i have given it a sanding down ready for primer and paint


Will upload more as and when my lovely postman decides to give me more parts :D

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Okay.. Finally.. Mr Postman has been today... and bought me......

1 cylinder head with two valves, 1 piston and barrel set, 1 ammo box for electrics, 1 roll of black exhaust wrap, and a partridge in a pear tree :lol:

10 meter of 2" wide, black exhaust wrap :D


1, Grade 1 Millitary Ammo box (empty for safety and legal reasons)


Brand new and shiney Cylinder head, all complete with valves, springs, oil stem seals


and finally, Piston and barrel set, including piston rings, oil scraper ring, gudgeon pin and circlips (of course) :D


Thats all the postman could carry in his sack for today.. But got a few more bits coming over the next few days, and then the modding project can really begin.... THANK f**k.. :lol:

Stay Tuned... :D

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Went to see my friend up the road earlier. and we was chatting about my bike etc..

as he knows what my exact plans are..

and he walked out the kitchen, and came back in with two of these.


Brand new Air filters, Be bought them for his Triumph bonneville T140 a couple of months ago, but didnt like the look of them on the bike.. So he put the air filters back on and had these sitting in the box..

The invoice in the box said he payed £35 each.. :0

and he let me have both for nothing...

one has got a mark on it, and the one in the pic is mint...

and as i only need one... it will be going on my bike :D

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A couple more items turned up for me today.. The last of the order..

LED brake light and number plate mount


1/2" drive Torque wrench, since i lent my last one out and it got broke


And these didnt come today, they actually turned up yesterday evening..

Simoniz 500ml paint cans..

And i actually recieved 10 of each, primer, paint and clear..


Just 30 cans is harder to fit in the picture, and still able to see them clearly..

Bike is going in my dining room hopefully within the next few days, getting stripped down and work started...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I joined the forum purely because of this thread!

I'm waiting with baited breath to see how this turns out. Tell ya what, I'll race you - how long it takes to complete your zing bobber to how long it takes to finish my zing chopper. Mines in its "natural" form at the moment and I have 3 other projects so you stand a fair chance!

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Hey MadRatter, Thanks for the support :D

But unfortunately i will not take you up on that offer..

This isnt going to be a short project, as money is a very limiting factor here..

Im just taking the project slow and steady, making sure i finish it to perfection.

But im sure we'd all be very happy to admire your project work :D

Well anyway, on top main topic here..

I finally got round to actually officially starting the project..

AS of today.... so here goes...

OK, started today at like 8pm.. :D

Pulled my bike through my house, through my living room, and im doing the work in the dining room (the misus doesnt mind as we havent actually done anything with this room yet since we moved in)

Started stripping it down to bare frame..

about 10mins of tinkering


A bit more mucking around, and i was down to this


The frame is in fantastic condition, concidering its 13 years old and TAIWANESE :D

No proper set-in rust anywhere...

Started checking all the wiring over, and disconnecting everything..

NIcely pulled out complete wiring harness...


I am going to be re-painting the frame, so i need everything off..

PLus, when it comes to rebuild, im going to be doing a better job at hiding the wiring, that what was done at the factory..

ANd how wierd, disconnecting the headlight wiring, to find a 4pin PC molex connector.. On a motorbike??? :lol:

Pulled off air filter, everything to do with circuity, reg/rec, Carb, rear light. So now im just left with a pile of parts on the floor :D


Didnt get all that much done tonight, as the misus came home from work, and i cooked her dinner :D

Got a few things on the list for tomorrow.. Engine out, and cut off some old mounting tabs that i will never be using,, Like the bolt mounts to the pillion footpegs, side panel tabs etc.. They will not be going back on...

Im going for the clean, open frame look on my bike :D

Thats all for today peoples


Oops, forgot another pic of tonight..

When i first had the engine out for clutch replacement, i painted it with VHT black paint, aswell as the exhaust.. How foolish of me...

Went from a nice clean chrome exhaust, and ruined it by painting it black..

So as i was removing the exhaust, ready for tomorrows engine pull, i made a start on getting the VHT paint off...

Good old smothering in Brake Fluid... Pulled the paint straight off, and nicely back to chrome...

This pics shows the beginning, as the fluid was eating away at the paint..

Its now fully chrome, and nice...



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if you are still going to hardtail it is it not a bit pointless removing tabs and brackets untill you know where you are going to cut the frame as all the bits you cut off now might come off when you remove rear of frame anyway


Hey EAB.

I have decided to stay with soft tail, but cut away the back, just leaving upto where the rear shocks mount to the frame..

Hardtailing it would be very hard to do, as the frame isnt all straight.

It would require drilling into a bend and fitting a smaller diameter tube to strenghten the hardtail (which i would do to it all anyway), but joining onto a bend, isnt in my favour.. for strength reasons..

I have been grinding away some of the tabs and brackets today, but unfortunately has to borrow a friends grinder, and he only had stone cutting disk's.. SO havent really been able to get much done..

But continuing tomorrow, aswell chopping the back end of the frame away :D

No point adding a pic of a few tabs cut and welds grinded down to frame tubing, i will wait until they are all done and upload a piccy :D

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Ok, today i didnt get to finish off the tab cutting and grinding, due to the sudden change in weather...

I see it was nice and sunny today so took my frame outside and set up the extension lead into the garden, hoping to make a good crack at it today and get it done.. But then it decided to start raining..... Maybe tomorrow. :D

With the frame sat in the dining room, with only 3 or 4 more tabs left to cut off and grind smooth, i decided to make a start on something else..

I thought id best move on and crack on with other tasks, while i am unable to finish the frame. :(

I set about primering the parts that i will be painting black..

First up to be blasted was the Speedo.

Originally chrome but had a huge scuff mark, so missin its chrome coating..

so Black it goes.. (im wanting an all black bike, Look stealth.. Simple, clean and effective)

1st coat of primer:


Now, id like to note here, i painted 6 coats in total, as i do with everything.. Just how i learnt and what im used to..

6 coats of everything.. except from my frame, which will be getting 10 coats of each.. just for extra chip resistance..

Next up was the Headlight's turn with the paint :D


Again... This is all 1st coat..

No need to upload a pic of each coat, as it all looks the same..

Folk legs are also going black.. So covered in primer:


Handlebar levers... But keeping the pullies chrome.. i masked them up..


And of course... Handlebars too:


Now, i know the switch gear and grips are still on... I could not remove them...

The grips have that chrome ending, which screws onto the end of the bars.. those were sized solid.. and the switch housings.. well, the screws underneith were that rusty, they just stripped... So a simple mask up with suffice...

And of course... Last but definately not least... The wheels..

Here pictured, is the front wheel.. No point uploading a pic of both...


Good job i done it the correct way and removed the front disk.. as this had made its way loose.. the 5 bolts holding it onto the rim i mean..

Finger tight.... Good job everything will be getting put back together with loctite :D

After leaving those for a while to dry and set... according to instructions...

I decided to give the handlebars a 1st coat of paint..

(By the way... im using Simoniz branded paints.. Primer, black and clear coat.. Which i got very cheaply.. 30 cans for the price of what just 3 cans would cost to buy) :D


Thats all for now folks :D


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Looking good man! shame about you not taking me up :P Money is a bit short this end (there's 6 project bikes in my back garden - 2 kymco's!)

I've decided that she's going stealth as well actually (I have and endless supply of vHT Matt Black :D ) but is also having a sidewinder sidecar that will steer a bit with the bike (basically the bike leans, the sidecar doesn't)

I've GOT to get it done by april though as I'm entering it as one of my entries to the Rat Bike Build-Off (along with my other bike on the sidecar)

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Sounds sweet mate..

You intending on painting the entire bike with VHT? as i really wouldnt recommend it..

For the VHT paint to set and become solid, it needs to be heated, quite hot too, then it will cure...

Without heat to cure it, it will scratch off with the slight scrape of a thumb nail...

I believe VHT paints require to be heated up like the temperature of engines, which is quite hot indeed, and kept at that temperature for a certain period of time.. And then as the paint cures, it gives off odours...

Plus it isnt petrol proof.. i spilt a bit of petrol down my engine after about a week of it being cured. and it pulled the paint off..

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I been painting my bikes in VHT for a looooong time :P

I'm lucky in the fact that I have a spare room that my missus let's me do all my work in (grinding, painting the lot :D) and we have the heating on all the time (fixed tariff) and I have 4 x 3 bar halogen heaters for when I paint.

I work on other people's bikes from home too, and do paintjobs on the side :P

Anything to do with bike's has always interested me, and when I get into something, i try to learn as many aspects of it as possible so I went and did crap loads of courses and currently work teaching motorcycle mechanics to "out of education" kids. Plus side of that is that when I can't do something at home (no lathe, no milling machine, no pillar drill lol) I can do it at work where they have better welders too :P

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