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Im trying to work out if i have diabites before going to the drs.

How many times do you pee a day?

I drink a lot because i always feel thirsty.

Typical day, 2 cups of tea, a liter flask of tea and 1.75ltr bottle of water at work then after work il drink 5/8 pints of water.

The drinking loads is a recent thing. For the last two years ive made sure i drink 2ltrs of water anyway.

Not sure how much i pee'ed before but i deffinetly wasnt getting up 2/3/4 times a night to pee.

But i always feel exsausted, dont eat much anymore, scratchy balls.

Im not overweight. Not weighed myself in a while buti wouldnt say im over 12stone . Im 6ft 2in.

I just eat crap and used to drink alot of coke (between 2 and 4ltrs aday)

Peeing advice? Whats normal?

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5 to 8 pints of water after finishing work, which i assume is 5pm? Thats probably more than most get through in a whole day.

Cut down on that and try to cut off fluids from say 2 or 3 hours before bed.

I typically get through 1ltr milk 2-3 ltr bottled water and maybes a can of sugar free pop with lunch. Never had to wake during the night to pee, i am dead to the world though. Pee every 2 to 3 hours through the day, always clear except first thing.

Feeling tired is probably lack of food due to the fact your not really interested in food as your stomach is full of fluids.

Saying that its always worth going to the docs to habe it checked out.

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Yes 5pm.

My diet has never been good. Got worse when i moved out.

Id think nothing about eating a 12 serving triple choc gatto for breakfast, cream dougnuts and vinilla slices for lunch then more crap for tea and drinking just full fat coke for years.

So ive pretty much been on a suger high until i cut most of it out.

Thats what ive put the tiredness down to.

The amount im drinking and getting up in the night to pee is recent. Thats when my gran suggested diabites.

Igoogled the symptoms and it said scratchy balls.

I have that to, that will of started about the same time asdrinking loads.

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Cut out the tea, it dehydrates you and makes you thirsty!

One test is to taste your pee. If its suggary sweet, its a sign of diabetes.

If you've had a life of fizzy drinks and crap food, it not surprising your body is warning you to sort yourself out

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Go and see your GP - it is possible that you have diabetes and it is probable it could be controlled by a change in diet. Untreated diabetes is potentially dangerous and can cause longer term problems too, particularly to you kidneys, peripheral blood circulation and eyesight.

It is not necessarily the case that you have to be overweight - its just that sugary diet can = obesity and sugary diet can also = diabetes.

It will take them a few seconds to see if diabetes is likely (dipstick test in a urine sample and finger prick test for blood glucose) and then decide whether to do a Glucose Tolerance Test (you fast overnight to get a baseline blood test and then they take a series of blood tests after you've drunk a very sugary and sickly glucose solution - it sees how well your body handles sugars) and send a sample for HbA1c (longer-term indicator of glucose metabolism) which gives a more definitive diagnosis.

You are drinking too much and peeing too much - the one is the result of the other :lol:

Common symptoms of diabetes are being thirsty and fatigue, also sometimes dizziness/faintness and mood swings. Breathe often smells odd due to ketones (bit of a chemical smell)

I'm an ex-NHS biomedical scientist by the way

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Other symptoms do include itchy balls BTW :lol:

Get yourself checked out, mate


Talking from experience :mrgreen:

:lol: :roll: :lol:

Diabetes can affect capillary blood supply leading to localized itchiness, lesions and infections etc.... Whether it actually causes them to drop off or not I couldn't say

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Yea, unfortunately this is not something that can be diagnosed on a motorbike forum. Diabetes can cause limbs to be removed in extreme cases.

Go get it checked

The good thing is, type two is treatable but the quicker it's diagnosed, the less chance it has to do any damage

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Get checked out. If untreated it's very dangerous. I am type two. One of the pointers for me wa getting up in the night a lot to pee, ended up with me actually wetting the bed.

Your body pees to try and get rid of the excess sugar, one noticeable thing is your wee will smell strongly, for me it smelt of kitkat chunky bizzarre as it may sound, but it obviously wasn't right.

However, there are lots of reasons you could be thirsty and drinking loads will be the cause of weeing loads. I was weeing loads without drinking a lot.

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