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Any actual waterproof gloves out there?

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Hi Guys,

I have been riding for a few years, all-year rider. Gone through torrential rain, freezing temps, stupidly strong winds, ice, snow, and maybe a few days of some actual summer here in britain.

I have had 3 sets of gloves, all "Waterproof".

First set was a cheap £20 set.

2nd was about the same.

Then I got sick of them as they were not waterproofing at all after anything more than a light drizzle.

So I eventually thought F*** this, I'm going to spend some decent money on a good set.

Found a pair that cost £100! (Wolf Titanium WaterProof Outlast Gloves)

Absolutely loved them, I even tested them out when they were new, ran a sink of water, put on the gloves and put my hand underwater and left it there for a few minutes. Dry as a bone inside!

However, maybe a month or so later, after a few long soaks in some stupidly heavy rain, and the gloves lost their waterproof ability.

Had them for a good 8 months now, and they seem to get completely soaked in any type of rain!

Outlast technology developed for NASA? Does absolutely nothing.

Hipora breathable waterproof membrane? temporarily worked, but not made to last!

To be honest, I don't think I will spend £100 on a set of gloves ever again unless there is some serious proof they are worth it.

I'm just looking for a pair of gloves that actually do the job they are supposed to, along with offering great protection, and thermal regulation. Looks are not so important but a set that looks nice is always something I look for.

Can anyone offer some advice? Is there an actual good solution I can spray these current gloves with to waterproof them?

Or is there a set of gloves anyone can recommend?

Apologies for the cynicism, I'm sure there are many of us in the same boat :(

Thanks Again.

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If they get grubby which they will from all year round stuff - you really should give them a wash and re-proof them now and again to maintain the waterproofiness.

Nikwax do a good range for that sort of stuff. Fabsil is really good for waterproofing (use it on the roof of the mrs Lotus) but I don't know how well it'd stand up to the constant movement gloves would get.

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http://www.nikwax.co.uk/en-gb/index.php or https://grangers.co.uk/product

I think they are the 2 top recommended suppliers for waterproofing products.

Hmmm I wouldn't be at all surprised if the chemicals in febreeze actually break down the waterproofing :P

But yeah you should treat them every few months and only use waterproofing products. Have a little read online. Normal washing detergents tend to remove/breakdown the waterproof coating which is applied.

I don't know much about it. I know that when they come out of the factories most waterproof clothing etc is treated with something called DWR... this is what causes the material to repel the water and causes it to bead and run off. I guess it depends how much you use the gloves/clothing and how many downpours it's been through, once you feel the water coming through then I'd say it's treatment time.

Edit: DWR - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durable_water_repellent

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I have had these for a couple of years and in day long torrential rain and they have not failed

http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/antaris- ... black.html

My bikes have handguards so the worst of the rain blast is directed away from the gloves. I would still rate them as waterproof.

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I have different gloves for different conditions... maybe because none of them have been worn 'day in day out' they've all lasted. I have two for the summer. one is extremely well vented. so for those hot summer days. the other isn't - but its got a goretex liner so for those warm days when rain threatens. similarly for spring and autumn. gloves to suit the weather forecast. and in winter the same again an 'extreme' pair warm, or very warm and a goretex liner. or the other pair for those cold days that aren't bitter but will be dry. warm but no waterproofing.

When I go away 'on tour' i tend to take at least 3 pairs that covers all likely conditions.

really, I treat my gloves just the same as the rest of my gear - depending on the weather. could be the textile suit or the leather jacket and trousers. There are items I've picked up in end of season sales. winter gloves bought in March. Summer gloves bought in September.. nearly always with a hefty discount. bought the best of the best from shops in Germany who don't add a 'biker' tax. gloves that here will cost £190. I've had online from germany for £130 delivered.

because i really do need to keep warm and dry. (I've had Pneumonia - NOT recommended) I simply will not take risks. if its not goretex then its no use to me. I pay close attention to the weather before i go anywhere thats a 'distance' and if theres a chance of rain i either wear goretex or take it with me. have back pack - will travel.

Ive learnt its easier to take gear off than magic it into existence when its at home and no use to me at all. so cold mornings i'll wear cold weather gloves.. if it gets warm - i'll swap them, same if I'm not going to be back until after dark.. gets cold. put the liner in and put on warmer gloves. which are in my back pack 'just in case'.

obviously its idiotic for me to think that everyone can justify spending £130 on gloves.. so take two £20 pairs. wear one.. have the other as a backup. make the best of what you've got.. and if you see a bargain - grab it. as a spare for a 'rainy day'.

My jacket has an OUTLAST liner.. and as far as i can tell it works really well.. Ive worn it for a day 'playing' on the grossglockner a mile high and 1c and not had to change anything when the thermometer was reading 30c in Monaco. i just opened the vents and didn't bother wearing a sweater over my thermals. (thermals keep you cool as well as warm)

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